Cardiology Service, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Assistant Professor

Interventional Cardiology


Research Interests

  • Interventional cardiovascular therapeutics
  • 3-dimensional heart modeling and printing
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Multimodality imaging

Educational Background

Dr. Markovic received her DVM from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2009. Following her DVM, she completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at the VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center in California, a residency in Cardiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a two year veterinary Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at Colorado State University.

Dr. Markovic’s primary interests involve advancing the fields of cardiology, interventional cardiology, and enhancing translational medicine

Selected Publications

  • Toborowsky C, Markovic LE. Large Secundum Atrial Septal Defect Managed Conservatively in an Adult Dog. Cardiovascular Imaging Case Reports, Special Edition: Acquired Congenital Heart Disease. 2024, 8(3); 226-230.
  • Jackson E, Markovic LE, Perlini M. Comparison of 2-dimensional imaging to 3-dimensional modeling of intrahepatic portosystemic shunts using computed tomography angiography. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 2024; 1-8. doi: 10.1111/vru.13337.
  • Fabella A, Markovic LE, Coleman AE. Comparison of manual compression, Z-stitch, and suture-mediated vascular closure device techniques in dogs undergoing percutaneous transvenous intervention. Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 2024; 54:124-137.
  • Bristow P, Markovic LE. Mitral Valve Repair–The Development and Rise of Options in the Veterinary World. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice 2023;53:1343-1352.
  • Markovic LE, Nguyen S, Clouser S. Utility of three-dimensional virtual and printed models for veterinary student education in congenital heart disease. Educ Health Prof 2023;6;15-21.
  • Sykes KT, Wesselowski S, Saunders AB, Tjostheim SS, Potter BM, Gelzer ARM, Katz N, Ward JL, Karlin ET, Markovic LE, Magee AN, Abbott JA, Kadotani S, Menciotti G. A multicenter, retrospective study of cardiac   disease in Borzoi dogs. Front Vet Sci. 2023 Jan 26;10:1102494.
  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA, Ames MK, Coleman AE. Transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus in 11 dogs and 1 cat after incomplete or aborted surgical ligation. J Vet Cardiol, 2022;41:1-10.
  • Markovic LE, Whipp C, Morgan K, Almeida DA, Hiremath G. Transpulmonary Stent Implantation for Dysplastic Pulmonary Valve Stenosis with a Single Left Coronary Ostium and Anomalous Prepulmonary Right Coronary Artery in an English Bulldog. CASECardiovascular Imaging Case Reports, 2020, 4(6); 540-545.
  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA. A pilot study evaluating cutting and high-pressure balloon
    valvuloplasty for dysplastic pulmonary valve stenosis in 7 dogs. J Vet Cardiol, 2019; 25:61-73.
  • Markovic, LE. Hemodynamic Assessment in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. 2019
    ACVIM Forum Proceedings; 2019 June 6-8, Phoenix, AZ, USA. Greenwood Village, Colorado: ACVIM; 2019.
  • Scansen BA, Markovic LE, Ames M. Transcatheter Closure of Patent Arterial Duct in
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  • Scansen BA, Markovic, LE. Alternative Echo Echocardiographic Techniques
    to Evaluate Congenital Heart Disease. 2019 ACVIM Forum Proceedings; 2019 June 6-8,
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  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA. Effect of calibration methods on the accuracy of angiographic measurements during transcatheter procedures in dogs. J Vet Intern Med, 2018 May-June; 32; 956-961.
  • Markovic LE, Orton C. Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia. In: Scansen BA, Bonagura JD:
    Kirk & Bonagura’s Current Veterinary Therapy XVI Philadelphia, Elsevier Science, 2018;
    under editorial review.
  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA, Orton C. Interventional Management of Central Venous Obstruction in Dogs. 2018 ACVIM Forum Proceedings; 2018 June 13-16; Seattle, WA, USA. Greenwood Village, Colorado: ACVIM; 2018.
  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA, Potter BM. Role of computed tomography angiography in the differentiation of feline truncus arteriosus communis from pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect. J Vet Cardiol, 2017;19:514-522.
  • Scansen BA, Markovic LE. Cutting and High Pressure Balloon Valvuloplasty for Dysplastic Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. 2017 ACVIM Forum Proceedings; 2017 June 7-10; National Harbor, MD, USA. Greenwood Village, Colorado: ACVIM; 2017.
  • Markovic LE, Scansen BA: Accuracy of Angiographic Measurements During Transcatheter Procedures: Comparison of Two Calibration Methods in 25 dogs (2017), 2017 ACVIM Forum Research Report Program. J Vet Intern Med, 31. DOI: 10.1111/jvim.14784
  • Tjostheim SS, Stepien RL, Markovic LE, Stein TJ. Effects of Toceranib Phosphate on Systolic Blood Pressure and Proteinuria in Dogs. J Vet Intern Med. 2016 Jul;30(4):951-7.
  • Markovic LE, Kellihan HB, Roldán-Alzate A, Drees R, Bjorling DE, Francois CJ. Advanced multimodality imaging of an anomalous vessel between the ascending aorta and main pulmonary artery in a dog. J Vet Cardiol. 2014 Mar;16(1):59-65.
  • Markovic LE, Stepien RL. Development of systemic hypertension after administration of toceranib phosphate (Palladia®) in dogs (2010-2012). J Vet Intern Med. 2013 27: 637 (abstract).
  • Garrett LD, Singh K, Rodriguez C, Fan TM, Markovic L. Ezrin Expression
    and Biologic Behavior in Canine Rhabdomyosarcomas. Proc. 29th Annual
    Conference Veterinary Cancer Society, Austin TX, 2009.
  • Martinez Amezcua, C., L.E. Markovic, and C.M. Parsons. 2004. Effect of increased heat processing on phosphorus (P) bioavailability in corn distiller dried grains with solubles (DDGS). J. Anim. Sci. Vol. 82 (Suppl. 1) p. 263.

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