Department of Pathology
Associate Professor

Dr. Leigh Anne Clark earned her doctoral degree in 2004 from the College of VeterinaryvMedicine at Texas A&M University studying exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in Germanvshepherd dogs. After graduation, she remained in the Department of Pathobiology as a Research Assistant Professor, investigating the genetics of dermatomyositis in Collies and Shetland sheepdogs and merle coat patterning across breeds. In 2009, she joined the faculty of the Department of Genetics & Biochemistry at Clemson University where she was an Associate Professor for the last eight years. Dr. Clark’s group has mapped genetic determinants for many simple and complex traits of dogs, including neuromuscular, autoimmune, and developmental disorders. Her current research focuses on megaesophagus, pancreatic insufficiency, Addison’s disease, and epilepsy.

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