Department of Infectious Diseases
Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Tripp Lab

Research Interests

Research interests include the expression and purification of recombinant viral proteins using mammalian, insect, and bacterial systems. Purification of native viral proteins for vaccine use. Development of novel assays for biosensing of microorganisms: nanostructures (rods, particles) for in-vivo detection of microorganisms; nanoparticles as delivery platforms for antimicrobial therapeutics, vaccines, and anti-tumor agents.​

Educational Background

​MS, University of Alabama, 1993

Selected Publications

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  • Shanmukh, S., Jones, L. P., Zhao, Y., Dluhy, R. and Tripp, R. Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Respiratory Virus Molecular Signatures Using Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Submitted to Nature Methods
  • Harcourt, J., Alvarez, R., Jones, L. P., Henderson, C., Anderson, L. J. and Tripp, R A. 2006. Respiratory syncytial virus G protein and G protein CX3C motif adversely affect CX3CR1+ T cell responses. Journal of Immunology, 176(3):1600-8.
  • Tripp, R. A., Haynes, L. M., Moore, D., Anderson, B., Tamin, A., Harcourt, B. H., Jones, L. P., Yilla, M., Babcock, G. J., Greenough, T., Ambrosino, D. M., Alvarez, R., Callaway, J., Cavitt, S., Kamrud, K., Alterson, H., Smith, J., Harcourt, J. L., Miao, C., Razdan, R., Comer, J. A., Rollin, P. E., Ksiazek, T. G., Sanchez, A., Rota, P. A., Bellini, W. J. and Anderson L.J. 2005. Monoclonal antibodies to SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV): identification of neutralizing and antibodies reactive to S, N, M and E viral proteins. Journal of Virological Methods, 128(1-2):21-8.
  • Alvarez, R., Jones, L. P., Seal, B. S., Kapczynski, D. R. and Tripp, R. A. 2004. Serological cross-reactivity of members of the Metapneumovirus genus. Virus Research, 105(1):67-73. Erratum in: Virus Research. 2005, 107(1):109.
  • Haynes, L. M., Jones, L. P., Barskey, A., Anderson, L. J. and Tripp, R. A. 2003. Enhanced disease and pulmonary eosinophilia associated with formalin-inactivated respiratory syncytial virus vaccination are linked to G glycoprotein CX3C-CX3CR1 interaction and expression of substance P. Journal of Virology, 77(18):9831-44.

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