Center for Vaccines and Immunology, Department of Infectious Diseases, Department of Population Health, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center
Associate Professor, CVI Affiliated Faculty, Joint Faculty

Research Interests

The focus of our laboratory is the characterization of enveloped virus entry. Specifically we are interested in the mechanism of virus-cellular fusion utilizing arenaviruses as our model. We perform structure-functional analyses on the Old World arenavirus glycoprotein complex. As we define the functional micro-domains within the protein, we hope to provide new targets for therapeutics and vaccine development.

Educational Background

BS (2002), Microbiology, Arizona State

PhD (2007), Microbiology, University of Iowa


  • 13th Southeastern Regional Virology Conference (April 2014), Efficient Entry of a Paramyxovirus Does Not Require Fusion Protein Six-Helix Bundle Closure, (oral presentation), 2014
  • American Society of Virology meeting (June 2014), Efficient replication of a paramyxovirus independent of full zippering of the fusion protein six-helix bundle domain, (oral presentation), 2014
  • American Society of Virology (oral presentation), 2012
  • Southeastern Regional Virology Conference (oral presentation), 2012
  • American Society of Virology (oral presentation), 2011
  • Paramyxer (oral presentation), 2010
  • American Society of Virology (oral presentation), 2010
  • Southeastern Regional Virology Conference (oral presentation), 2010
  • American Society of Virology (oral presentation), 2009
  • Paramyxer (oral presentation), 2008
  • Keystone – Cell Biology of Virus Entry (poster), 2008
  • Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (poster), 2008

Selected Publications

My Bibliography – NCBI

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