Department of Population Health, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
Joint Faculty, Professor

One Health | Parasitology | Wildlife Diseases


Research Interests

I am a professor with a split position between SCWDS and the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.  I have an active research program that principally investigates wildlife diseases and parasites from a one health approach with an emphasis on the role of animals as reservoirs or hosts for zoonotic and/or vector-borne pathogens. Research interests in recent years include ticks and tick-borne pathogens, guinea worm ecology, raccoon roundworm in people and animals (wildlife/domestic), and bird parasites and pathogens. I am excited to provide research opportunities for students at all levels (high school, undergraduate, veterinary, MS, and PhD) interested in wildlife disease ecology and one health.

Educational Background

  • BS (1997), Clemson University
  • MS (2000), Clemson University
  • PhD (2004), The University of Georgia
  • FRES (2010), Fellow of Royal Entomological Society


I provide diagnostic support for wildlife cases involving parasites for the SCWDS Wildlife Research & Diagnostic Service. I am also active in several professional organizations.

Teaching Experience

    • Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
      • WILD(POPH) 5100/7100 Principles of Wildlife Disease
      • WILD(POPH) 4600/6600 Field Methods in Wildlife Health, Management, and Research


    • College of Veterinary Medicine
      • IDIS 5200/5200L Veterinary Parasitology (co-instructor)
      • POPH 8580 Current Topics in Wildlife Health Seminar


    • General University
      • First Year Odyssey seminar: Wildlife Parasites: What are Their Roles in Human and Domestic Animal Health?

Selected Publications

​Publications by Dr. Yabsley may be found on PubMed.

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