Department of Pathology
Research Professional

Dr. Mohamed Elbadawy, BSc, MS, PhD (Veterinary Pharmacology) has been employed in academia as a faculty for the past 15 years with a demonstrated history of teaching and research. Dr. Elbadawy has a lot of high quality publications and patents in the veterinary pharmacology, toxicology, and cancer biology. Dr. Elbadawy is a experienced in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D culture (Organoids) especially cancer organoids to explore cancer signaling pathways and potential therapeutic targets in different malignancies. This knowledge is key to discovering new diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers and will advance the development of novel translational approaches for the treatment of cancers. His ultimate vision is to minimize the future need for using animals in as an in vivo research models. His Past experience is about drug disposition and oral absorption profiles of drugs with different physicochemical properties in ruminants as well as testing the action and mechanism of action of drugs in isolated organ or tissue preparations as well as in intact laboratory animals.

Research Interests

Organoids, Anticancer drugs, CSCs, Cancer, Toxicology, and Pharmacokinetics.

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