Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program Director, Professor, Sharma Distinguished Professor

Neurodegenerative Diseases | Neurology | Neurotoxicology | Toxicology


Research Interests

  • ​Neurotoxicology
  • Neuroimmunology — communication of the nervous and immune systems in health and disease
  • Basal ganglia disorders

Major research focus in our laboratory is on the communication between the nervous and immune systems in health and disease, as well as on the role of the environment in modulation of this communication. In particular, we are interested in the role of peripheral and central inflammation in basal ganglia disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Several environmental toxicants, some of which modulate inflammatory pathways and affect the basal ganglia, are subject of intense investigation by our team. In our studies, we incorporate a wide array of experimental techniques ranging from molecular biology, cell culture, and organelle-specific proteomics to rodent behavioral studies.

Our laboratory is also involved in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology and Neuroscience Programs at the University of Georgia.

Educational Background

  • ​PhD (1998) The University of Georgia

Teaching Experience

  • Veterinary Toxicology (VPHY 5220), Instructor
  • Organ Systems Toxicology (VPHY/PHARM 8940), Course Coordinator and Co-instructor
  • Neurophysiology (VPHY 8400), Co-instructor
  • Mammalian Cell Physiology (VPHY 8010), Co-instructor
  • Physiology Pharmacology Seminar (VPHY 8900), Seminar Coordinator

Selected Publications

  • ​Publications by Dr. Filipov may be found at PubMed.

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