Nicole Nemeth

Department of Pathology, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
Associate Professor


Research Interests

  • Susceptibility, transmission, and pathogenesis of diseases of free-ranging wildlife
  • One Health and the wildlife-livestock-human interface
  • Wildlife disease ecology
  • Vector-borne diseases in wildlife

Educational Background

  • BA, Biology, Grinnell College
  • DVM, Colorado State University
  • PhD, Colorado State University
  • Anatomic Pathology Residency, University of Georgia


  • Memberships, The Wildlife Society (2015-present), Poultry Health Research Network/University of Guelph (2013-present), Phi Zeta, Xi Chapter (University of Georgia; 2013-present), American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (2007-present), Wildlife Disease Association (2002-present)
  • Faculty Advisor, Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Club (Ontario Veterinary College; 2016-18)
  • Faculty Panel Member, Ontario Veterinary College Pathology Club and Zoo Exotics Wildlife Club, Professional Development Activities (2013-17)
  • Editorial Consultant, West Nile virus and Mammalian bites modules, Physicians’ Information and Education Resource
  • Expert Reviewer, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, Infectious Diseases of Concern to Captive and Free Ranging animals in North America, West Nile virus

Teaching Experience

2013-18, Ontario Veterinary College:

  • (Co) Coordinator and instructor – Applied Comparative Pathology (Residency/DVSc Program), Wildlife Health Management module (DVM – Year 3)
  • (Co) Coordinator and instructor – Elective rotations “Veterinary Aspects of Wildlife Disease and Management,” and “Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative,” (DVM – Year 4),
  • Coordinator and instructor, Graduate Special Topics courses: “Orbiviruses in Mammals,” “Applied Zoo Pathology,” “Avian Diseases,” and “Avian Pathology”
  • Guest lecturer: Methods in Vector-Borne Disease Ecology (Texas A&M University), Medical Virology, Epidemiology of Zoonoses (Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph), and Forensic Veterinary Pathology (University of Georgia)

Selected Publications

  • Smith K, P Oesterle, C Jardine, R Lindsay, A Dibernardo, D Pearl, N Nemeth. In press. Powassan virus surveillance in wildlife in Ontario, Canada. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
  • MacDonald A, C Jardine, L Susta, J Bowman, N Nemeth. In press. Lymphoproliferative disease and other viruses in wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Wildlife Diseases.
  • Smith K, D Campbell, D Pearl, C Jardine, * Salgado-Bierman, N Nemeth. 2018. Raptor mortality in Ontario, with a focus on red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) and great horned owls (Bubo virginianus). Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 54(2):261-271.
  • Nemeth N, A Bosco-Lauth, L Williams, R Bowen, J Brown. 2017. West Nile virus in ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus): experimental infection and protective effects of vaccination. Veterinary Pathology 54(6):901-911.
  • González-Astudillo V, S Hernández, M Yabsley, D Mead, K Keel, B Munk, J Fischer, M Ruder, J Brown, V Peters, N Nemeth. 2016. Mortality of selected avian orders submitted to a wildlife diagnostic laboratory (Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, USA): a 36-year retrospective analysis. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 52(3): 441–458.
    Nemeth N, D Campbell, L Shirose, P Oesterle, B McEwen, C Jardine. 2016. The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) as a potential sentinel for Blastomyces dermatitidis in Ontario, Canada. Emerging Infectious Diseases 22(7):1275-1277.
  • Cox S, D Campbell, N Nemeth. 2015. Outbreaks of West Nile virus in captive waterfowl in Ontario, Canada. Avian Pathology 44(2):35-41.
  • Nemeth N, M Ruder, J Brown, B Munk, R Gerhold, P Oesterle, S Kubiski, K Keel. 2013. Demodectic mange, dermatophilosis, and other parasitic and bacterial dermatologic diseases in free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in the United States from 1975-2012. Veterinary Pathology 51(3):632-639.
  • Nemeth N, P Oesterle. 2014 West Nile virus from an avian-conservation perspective. International Zoo Yearbook 48:101-115.
  • Nemeth N, A Bosco-Lauth, P Oesterle, D Kohler, R Bowen. 2012. North American birds as potential amplifying host for Japanese encephalitis viruses. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 87(4):760-767.
  • Nemeth N, B Thomsen, T Spraker, J Benson, A Bosco-Lauth, P Oesterle, J Bright, J Muth, T Gidlewski, T Campbell, R Bowen. 2011. Clinical and pathologic responses of American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and fish crows (C. ossifragus) to experimental West Nile virus infection. Veterinary Pathology 48(6):1061-1074.
  • Nemeth N, G Kratz, R Bates, J Scherpelz, R Bowen, N Komar. 2009. Clinical evaluation and outcomes of naturally acquired West Nile virus infection in raptors. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40(1):51-63.
  • Additional publications may be found at PubMed.