Department of Infectious Diseases
Graduate Student, Ross Lab

Thomas Rowe received his Master’s in Applied Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999 and has a broad experience of over 25 years in developing animal models for emerging infectious disease research.  He has worked with mouse (both lab adapted and wild), rat, cotton rat, rabbit, nonhuman primate and ferret models. He has developed and refined animal models for emerging infectious diseases including: Highly-pathogenic avian influenza, SARS-coronavirus, and tuberculosis.

In 2016, Thomas joined the University of Georgia Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine and is conducting his research in the Ross lab. He currently works at the Influenza Division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Thomas’ primary focus and greatest breadth of experience lies with developing and refining the ferret model for use in pathogenesis and vaccine development for emerging respiratory pathogens.  His graduate research focuses on understanding the innate immune responses to influenza B virus in order to develop better vaccines and therapeutics.

Research Interests

  • Influenza
  • Immunity
  • Ferrets

Selected Publications

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