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Associate Research Scientist

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Dr. Tuhina Gupta is an immunologist and a bacteriologist, with expertise in mycobacterial diseases. She joined the University of Georgia in 2007 and works with Dr. Frederick Quinn on multiple projects. Her research focuses on developing animal models of mycobacterial pathology, meningitis, latency, and transmission, testing novel methods for TB diagnosis, developing and testing TB vaccines on mice and guinea pig models, understanding host-pathogen interactions.

Research Interests

  • Understanding pathogenesis of M. abscesses infection in the G551D-CF transgenic ferrets
  • Developing a mouse model for TB meningitis
  • Developing and testing nanoparticle based TB vaccines in the mouse and guinea pig TB models
  • Understanding transmission in a ferret TB model
  • Co-infection studies with influenza and M. tuberculosis in a ferret model

Selected Publications


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