Over 20 rotations for visiting student externs

Our visiting student externship program offers over 20 three-week rotations to students from other veterinary colleges.

Eligible students must be a degree seeking student currently enrolled in a DVM program AND be a clinical rotation student at the time of your externship at UGA.

Program details

What rotations are available?
  • Large Animal Internal Medicine
  • Large Animal Surgery
  • Large Animal Emergency Medicine & Surgery
  • Small Animal Anesthesia
  • Small Animal General Surgery
  • Small Animal Ophthalmology
  • Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Small Animal Neurology
  • Small Animal Nutrition
  • Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
  • Laboratory Animal Clerkship
  • Practice Management
  • Avian Histopathology*
  • Avian Medicine*
  • Large & Production Animal Farm Practice/Field Services (LOCATED IN TIFTON, GA)
  • Anatomic Pathology*
  • Wildlife Population Health (SCWDS)*

*requires faculty approval

How are rotations scheduled?

The UGA CVM rotation schedule is set up in three-week blocks. Most of our rotations require attendance during all three weeks of the block to be considered for acceptance. All in-hospital rotations require visiting externs to begin on the FIRST day of a UGA block. We are unable to accommodate externs during UGA Blocks 15, 16, or 17 (roughly mid-February through mid-April). We begin accepting visiting student applications for May and beyond in January of the same calendar year.

Please reference our 2024-2025 Block Calendar for a complete rotation schedule. Applications must be received in their entirety and approved a minimum of 60 days before your anticipated start date.

Program requirements and application process

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete our information gathering survey.

Once your survey is received, you will be sent an email confirming or denying your schedule and rotation requests within five business days. If your application is accepted, the process for submitting your supplemental information will be outlined.

What are the costs and how do I pay?

Students visiting from AVMA Accredited Veterinary programs (with full-service teaching hospitals) are permitted to visit for up to six weeks without paying a fee. If your institution is an AVMA Accredited Veterinary Program but does not have a full-service teaching hospital or is not an AVMA accredited institution (and we do not have a signed MOU from your home institution), you will be charged out-of-state tuition per week for this externship (est. @$1200.00 per week). Students from non-accredited programs that do not have a MUO with the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine that wish to observe only will be charged a $100 application processing fee.

Please see our students seeking clinical rotation externship experience policy for full details.

My application was accepted. What do I need to provide to the UGA CVM?
  • Proof of personal health insurance coverage
  • Proof of student professional liability insurance coverage (PLIT)
  • Proof of appropriate rabies immunoprophylaxis
  • Immunization records
  • A signed waiver of acknowledgment of risk liability (to be provided by UGA)
  • Signature on the application form acknowledging good academic and professional standing from the associate dean of academic affairs (or equivalent) at your home institution.
  • A copy of your passport & visa information (if international)
  • Visiting externs will be required to purchase a $30 UGA Id/Prox access badge.

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