What do we look for in our students?

Getting into vet school is a competitive process. We receive many more applications than we can admit each year. But don’t let that discourage you — start planning early, work hard and focus on your end goal.

A successful applicant to the CVM is someone with a well-rounded undergraduate education. Your major can be biology, animal sciences, business, or even art — basically any subject that interests you — as long as you complete the prerequisite courses with a C (2.0) or better by the end of the spring semester before enrollment.

You should also have a minimum of 250 hours of diverse veterinary experience (including, but not limited to, clinical practice, biomedical research, and public health); show leadership potential and involvement in your community, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

For the UGA CVM, the minimum requirements to be considered for admission is an overall GPA of 3.00 or greater. The overall GPA is calculated using all courses taken at the undergraduate level and beyond. This includes all repeated courses.

The following technical standards, in conjunction with the academic standards of UGA CVM, are requirements for admission, progression through the curriculum, and graduation.

What we look for in our students.

Selection process

Step 1 – Minimum requirements

Once we receive your application, we check to make sure you meet the minimum requirements for admission, listed above.

Step 2 – Independent faculty review

Your application will be independently evaluated by three CVM faculty members who are looking to make sure you meet the prerequisite course requirements, have the appropriate veterinary experience and demonstrate the leadership and dedication necessary to excel in vet school.

Step 3 – Admissions committee review

Applications approved by the independent review will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for further consideration.

Step 4 – Checking references

The Admissions Committee will call and interview one or more of your references, asking a standardized set of questions.

Step 5 – Invitation for admission

Based on your academic credentials, the faculty file evaluations, and the interviews with references, the Admissions Committee then selects who will be extended an invitation to join our incoming class, along with a small number of alternate candidates.

The College of Veterinary Medicine does not conduct interviews as part of the admissions process.

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