In parasitology, we test specimens from all animal species (domestic, exotic, laboratory, and wildlife) for diagnostic stages of parasites as well as other evidence of parasitic infection (i.e. antigen and antibody tests).


  • Fecal exams to determine diagnostic state of endoparasites including fecal flotations, direct smears, sedimentation (flukes) and Baermann (lungworms) of any animal species.
  • Quantitative tests for livestock including McMasters, Wisconsin and MiniFLOTAC for equine, bovine, small ruminants, exotic hoofstock and poultry species
  • Fecal Egg Count Reduction test and Coproculture which combines quantitative tests (McMaster- pre and post-treatment) with culturing of parasite eggs for identification of larvae to genus and species level. This can be an integral component of parasite management that can monitor anthelmintic resistance of specific important trichostrongyle parasites of ruminants and horses when performed at pre and post treatment time points.
  • Heartworm testing for canine and feline species using Microfilariae detection kit (Knott) to test for Dirofilaria immitis antigens and antibodies
  • Parasite identification of internal (worms in general) and external (ticks, lice, fleas, maggots, etc.) parasites of domestic and wild animals
  • General assistance and sample processing for research projects that require diagnostic parasitology testing.

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