SCWDS Wildlife Service Lab

Diagnostic testing and investigations for state and federal wildlife agencies

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic examinations are an important service provided by SCWDS. During the past quarter century, experienced SCWDS diagnosticians have investigated thousands of cases of sick and dying wild animals involving many different species of wildlife. The diagnostic process includes a full examination of each animal’s post-mortem condition to determine explanations of its death.

Over the years, these investigations have led to a broad base of expertise and have revealed those recurring disease problems that are important in each wildlife species. Diagnostic service allows wildlife biologists, veterinarians, land managers, and the public to monitor wild animals for potential wildlife health problems.

How to Make a Submission

Diagnostic Service Submission Form – Only state and federal agencies who are members of the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study can submit wildlife cases to SCWDS for clinical diagnosis.

Private citizens must submit sick or dying wildlife to their state wildlife agency, not directly to SCWDS. Your state agency will make sure the proper care is taken for SCWDS clinical submission.

Field Operations

With the multitude of wildlife disease problems confronting the United States, diagnostic abilities and research programs must be supported by quality field capabilities. SCWDS maintains a “strike force” of personnel able to move rapidly to any troubled area and quickly assess the situation. The cooperative support from state and federal wildlife organizations allows immediate coordination of resources of all agencies involved. Agencies needing to utilize this resource should contact SCWDS directly.