Getting our youngest minds ready

For many, the dream of being a veterinarian starts early. That’s why we’ve put together programs to help young people learn all of the great things about a career in veterinary medicine.

Open House

Please note that there will NOT be an open house in 2021. Details for 2022 will be posted at a later date.

The CVM hosts an open house on the first Friday of April every year. This popular event is a full day of animals, hand-on activities, and fun for all ages! Tour the College, perform a teddy bear surgery, and participate in demonstrations about all things vet med.

Dog Doctors

The Dog Doctors make stops at elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Georgia. Dr. Paige Carmichael, DVM and professor of pathology, and a team of UGA students visit your classroom with three large Bernese Mountain dogs—the Dog Doctors.

Dr. Carmichael will talk about her research and the roles that the Dog Doctors play in her development of tests to detect genetic diseases in dogs. She will answer students’ questions about the dogs, her research, and careers in veterinary medicine and will show photographs of the Dog Doctors as they grew up. Students will be able to interact with the dogs while learning about x-rays and bones of animals. To schedule the Dog Doctors, reach out to Dr. Carmichael via email at [email protected].

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