Things to help you through the day-to-day

Vet school isn’t always easy. But it’s worth it. We offer our students a variety of resources to support them on their journey.

Counseling Services

All students at the College of Veterinary Medicine have access to free, confidential counseling services. Services are offered at three convenient locations: the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Veterinary Medical Center and at Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) located in the Student Health Center. Counseling is available on site at the CVM and VMC on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Current students wishing to make an appointment can get more information on the College’s intranet.

Wellness Committee and Spaces

The College has a wellness committee comprised of faculty, staff and students who plan and host wellness events – from yoga and knitting to hiking and massage days – and bring in guest speakers to educate students on topics such as work/life balance, networking, and financial literacy. In addition, the CVM class schedule includes “Wellness Wednesdays”, a day without morning classes each week where students have time to focus on themselves.

The College also has two dedicated wellness spaces — one at the CVM main campus building and one at the veterinary teaching hospital — that are used for wellness events and serve as a space for quiet reflection during the sometimes stressful class/work days.

Bulldawg Support Network (BSN)

The Bulldawg Support Network (BSN) is a network of trained peer supporters at the College of Veterinary Medicine. They are available to anyone that needs some extra help or support. They are not counselors, but are aware of professional services available at the CVM and in the greater Athens community.


The Office of Academic Affairs offers free tutoring for students in the first- or second-year curriculum. Our tutors are current DVM students that performed well in the specific course. Most tutoring sessions are done in a group setting. 

Committed to Safety

The College recognizes the value of maintaining a culture of safety for its students, faculty, and staff. To ensure that safety is addressed as a priority, the Office of Academic Affairs and the College Safety Committee ask that individuals with suggestions or concerns related to safety provide feedback via a web form. Note: If you are outside of the UGA campus network, you must first connect to the VPN before you can access the form.

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