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At the CVM we have a long list of clubs and organizations – there’s something for everyone! All of them are overseen by the Student American Veterinary Medical Association Chapter (SAVMA).


The Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) was created in 1969 as the national organization for veterinary students, in order to foster communication between individual chapters. Currently, SAVMA is comprised of 36 student chapters (30 in the U.S., one in Canada, two in the Caribbean, and three in the United Kingdom) and one associate organization representing a total of over 16,000 veterinary student members.

SAVMA’s mission is to support, empower, and inspire all veterinary students in improving their lives, education and career, along with securing a better future for our profession through collaboration with our parent organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

The University of Georgia’s SAVMA Chapter strives to introduce veterinary students to the concept of organized veterinary medicine; to promote, enhance and support professionalism and veterinary medical education; and to encourage the development and empowerment of students as leaders in the profession of veterinary medicine and the community as a whole.

The UGA SAVMA Chapter oversees and provides funding for more than 20 student clubs, as well as offers leadership scholarships and award funding to help offset travel expenses to education-related externships and conferences.

Executive Board

Non-Veterinary Practice Corporations interested in interacting with our students should contact the Corporate Interaction Committee members listed above, and Veterinary Practices interested in interacting with our students should contact the Veterinary Practice Partner Committee member listed above. Both Non-Veterinary Practice Corporations and Veterinary Practices should read the Corporate and Veterinary Practice Policy located in the sidebar of this page.

SAVMA Auction 2024

The auction is SAVMA’s biggest fundraiser and provides support for veterinary students who are pursuing advanced degrees through the college.

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CVM Clubs

AABP (American Association of Bovine Practitioners)

  • UGA‘s student chapter of AABP aims to help students have a better understanding of practicing bovine medicine through guest speakers, wet labs, and other club activities.

AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners)

  • The student chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners is dedicated to supporting opportunities for students interested in equine veterinary medicine by providing experience that may not be offered in the formal curriculum. The mission of the national organization of the AAEP, adopted by the student chapter, is “to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.” Throughout the year, the club hosts wet labs, lectures, and journals clubs featuring speakers who are experts within their field. Our annual Horse Owner Seminar and Trade Show is the club’s biggest fundraising event and is used to support student activities such as attending conferences, providing educational lectures, and wet labs for our veterinary students. It also aids in the support of our annual $500 active member scholarship that is awarded to third year scAAEP members who are in good standing, have demonstrated commitment to our club, are dedicated to the greater equine community, and are interested in pursuing a career in equine practice. More information on this event can be found at Contact the club at [email protected].

Animal Welfare Club

  • A student-led club for those interested in promoting education, dialogue and awareness of responsible animal treatment, usage, and welfare as well as improving understanding of ethical issues facing veterinarians.

Bee Club

  • The UGA Chapter of the Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to learn about and engage in apiary medicine. We provide hands-on experiences to students by working with our on-campus hives. We offer fundraising opportunities through honey and wax sales collected from our hives.

Behavior Club

  • Behavior Club aims to provide information and hands-on opportunities to learn different behavior techniques to better understand animals and to improve the animal-human bonds of our patients.

Broad Spectrum

  • Broad Spectrum is a student chapter of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community. Broad Spectrum is part of a professional organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians, and their supporters. Our mission is to provide support for individuals, education for the community, and a forum for information exchange and social interaction in order to foster a professional climate in which its members can achieve their full potential.

Canine Club

  • The Canine Club was created to provide students with an additional educational outlet to discuss and learn about aspects of canine medicine, behavior, and other issues beyond those presented in the classroom. The club hosts wet labs with a wide variety of topics including: radiology, emergency medicine, breed anomalies, and many more, as well as regularly partners with organizations such as the American Heartworm Society and the AKC to broaden the scope of opportunities available to the students hoping to know more about canine medicine.

Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF)

  • Supported by the national organization – Christian Veterinary Mission – Christian Veterinary Fellowship groups exist in all veterinary schools across the U.S. CVF groups are where students gather together to grow in their faith, profession, studies and relationships with Christ. CVF groups are encouraged to serve their communities, reach out to others and participate in short-term missions trips.

Feline Club (American Association of Feline Practitioners)

  • The Feline Club aims to educate students on current issues and topics in feline medicine through informative speakers, wet labs, and volunteer opportunities.

Integrative Medicine Club

  • A student led club to enhance our veterinary education by focusing on alternative therapies including, but not limited to, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, and rehab. This club will provide students with information and opportunities to explore and pursue holistic modalities for an integrative approach to animal wellness.

Internal Medicine Club

  • A student-led chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Dedicated to introducing veterinary specialties to students in the fields of small animal and large animal internal medicine, cardiology, oncology, and neurology.

IVSA (International Veterinary Student Association)

  • IVSA’s mission is to enhance cultural awareness and promote global animal health by facilitating overseas opportunities and creating dialogue about international veterinary medicine within the CVM.

NABV ( National Association for Black Veterinarians)

  • The student chapter of the National Association for Black Veterinarians (SNABV) is an organization devoted to building a network of individuals who advocate for Blacks in Veterinary Medicine at every level and profession. We strive to increase visibility in veterinary medicine, mentor the younger generation, and connect with other professional schools. Through our partnership with Dr. Carmichael’s Dawg Doctors Program, we also provide a platform where veterinary students can engage with local elementary schools to educate students about veterinary medicine. SNABV also provides veterinary students the opportunity to provide one on one mentorship to undergraduate pre-veterinary club members.


  • The student chapter of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists promotes interest in veterinary parasitology to both veterinary students and graduate students. Students do not need to want to be veterinary parasitologists, but rather have an interest in parasite biology, prevention, and treatment.


  • The purpose of this organization is to promote collegiality and professional development of its associates through its programs and by its relations with other student chapters and with the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. PathHeads aims to encourage veterinary student involvement in the field of veterinary pathology and provide an additional opportunity for its associates to gain professional knowledge in this field and to make available to the students the opportunities offered by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists to its student chapters.

Public Health Club

  • The Public Health Club aims to increase awareness of public health and One Health activities, career opportunities, and importance amongst veterinary students and professionals. We also provide opportunities that encourage communication and networking between the veterinarians, public health officials, and students

Shelter Medicine Club

  • The Shelter Medicine Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to learn more about shelter medicine through lectures, wet labs, and donation drives. Each year, the club hosts the Shelter Medicine Symposium at the UGA CVM during which students, current veterinarians, or any others interested in what it means to be a shelter veterinarian and about issues facing shelter animals can come and learn from each other and keynote speakers.

Small Ruminant and Camelid Club

  • A club dedicated to fostering interest in small ruminants and camelids. We provide opportunities to gain experience in general management of these species.

Surgery Club

  • Surgery Club aims to foster student exposure to veterinary surgery through educational lectures, case-based discussions with surgical faculty (surgery club rounds), and wet labs.

SVECCS (Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society)

  • The purpose of the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Club is to engage those interested in emergency veterinary medicine in the techniques and knowledge surrounding the field. Each year we host a meeting for students to learn more about the occupation and offer UGA’s largest student run wet lab where each participant gets hands on experience practicing necessary skills. There are other events that occur within the community, all of which encompass the importance of ECC within the veterinary world.

SwAP (Swine, Aquatic Animals and Poultry)

  • SwAP is a club dedicated to expanding interest and knowledge in the underrepresented veterinary professions of swine, aquaculture, and poultry.


  • Theriogenology Club is focused on all aspects of animal reproduction in the realm of veterinary medicine. We host the annual equine castration wetlab as well as have meetings throughout the year where members can hear from current UGA CVM therio clinicians and local veterinarians specializing in some aspect of theriogenology.

VBMA (Veterinary Business Management)

  • An organization devoted to helping student succeed in every aspect and field of veterinary medicine. With 8-10 meetings held over the course of the semester, we are committed to educating our students in finances, operations, management and ownership, business leadership skills, and career and personal development. We operate under the national VBMA and are pleased to offer students a business certificate that they can bring to future employers.

VDIC (Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Club)

  • The Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Club is focused on providing students with a means to gain more exposure to diagnostic imaging. This club is a resource both for students who are interested in pursuing a residency in radiology after vet school and students interested in other areas of veterinary medicine who want to better understand how to use diagnostic imaging to benefit their clients and patients. We hold informational meetings to discuss case studies, specializing, and principles of interpretation. We also host wet labs in which students can gain hands-on experience with modalities such as ultrasound and dental radiography.

VFPP (Vets for Pets and People)

  • Vets For Pets and People is an organization partnered with our local domestic violence shelter, Project Safe. When families come in seeking help to Project Safe, their animals can not be accepted due to allergies and fears of the other people. VFPP provides the animals with a loving home, vaccinations/vet care, and food while their family is recovering. What some people don’t realize is that, abuse can be transferred to animals once the victims have left. With us, we ensure a safe and loving environment until the victims are ready to leave the shelter.Donations in support of Vets for Pets and People may be made via our secure, online giving website. Alternately, checks made payable to “UGA Foundation/Vets for Pets and People” may be mailed to:Office of Development
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    The University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602-7371

VOICE (Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community for Empowerment)

  • VOICE is a student-run organization that seeks to increase awareness, respect, and sensitivity to differences among all individuals and communities in the field of veterinary medicine. VOICE also aims to celebrate diversity within our profession, to encourage campus environments that embrace diversity and promote the success of all students, and to emphasize the importance of cross-cultural awareness in veterinary medicine in order to meet the needs of our diversifying clientele.

WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association)

  • A student-led organization that provides extra resources to students interested in aquatic animal medicine. Through this organization, students have the opportunity to travel to the national WAVMA meeting, IAAAM meeting, or other aquatic conferences of their choice. WAVMA provides many opportunities for students to expand their knowledge on aquatic animal medicine through meetings with keynote speakers, wetlabs, and field trips to local aquariums.

Zoological Medicine Club

  • The Zoological Medicine Club is a group of students interested in furthering their interest in exotic animal medicine through specialized meetings, wet labs, and conference participation. We encompass the student chapters of AAV, ARAV, AEMV, and AAZV, as well as shared participation in events with Wildlife Treatment Crew, Aquaponics, and UGA’s student chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association.

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