Student Clubs and Organizations

All the places to find yourself

At the CVM we have a long list of  clubs and organizations – there’s something for everyone! All of them are overseen by the Student  American Veterinary Medical Association Chapter (SAVMAC).

Corporations that are interested in contacting or presenting to our students should review our Policy on Corporate Interaction in addition to completing the necessary forms, which are located in the sidebar of this page. 

CVM Clubs

AABP (American Association of Bovine Practitioners)

  • President: Breanna Ciochette
  • Vice President: Mackenzie Smith
  • Treasurer: Brooke Helton
  • Secretary: Logan Murray
  • Junior Delegate: Breanna Ciochette

AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners)

  • President: Meagan Thomason
  • President-elect: Katelyn Williams
  • Treasurer: Gillian Herbert
  • Treasurer elect: Emily Spengler
  • Secretary: Katie Buckley
  • Fundraising Chair: Shyla Giancola

Animal Welfare Club

  • President: Holly Simon
  • Vice President: Kenzie Schwartz
  • Treasurer: Katy Jacob
  • Secretary: Azusena Martinez

Behavior Club

  • President: Morgan Ganues
  • Vice President: Charlee Sturkie
  • Treasurer: Leo Crick
  • Secretary: Katy Jacob

Broad Spectrum

  • President: Alexander Dhom
  • Vice president: Bryce Golsen
  • Treasurer: Sabrina Hurst
  • Secretary: Aiden O’Reilly

Canine Club

  • President: Hayley Geis
  • Vice President: Hannah Rivers
  • Treasurer: Anna Mathews
  • Secretary: Mikaela Ball
  • Events Coordinator: Hayley Boyd

Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF)

  • President: Anna Studebaker
  • President-elect: Amanda Biddlecome
  • Vice President: Ashley Dunnigan
  • Treasurer: Leah Edwards
  • Secretary: Lauren Davis
  • Missions Coordinator: Lara Colombo

Exotics Club

  • President: Amanda Wonn
  • Vice President: Fred Torpy
  • Treasurer: Liandre Swanepoel
  • Secretary: Karly Zacharias
  • Events Coordinator: Alexa Adams

Feline Club (American Association of Feline Pratitioners)

  • President: Molly Lieske
  • President-elect: Alison Blackshire
  • Vice President: Katie Boyd
  • Treasurer: Katy Jacob
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Pettit
  • Events Coordinator: Hayley Boyd

Holistic Club

  • President: Holly Simon
  • President-elect: Hannah Stewart
  • Vice President: Andrea Manzano Castro
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Warner
  • Secretary: Morgan Ganues
  • Events Coordinator: Chandler Harbaugh

Internal Medicine Club

  • President: Kyle Brooks
  • Vice President: Jude Thornton
  • Treasurer: Anna Mathews
  • Secretary: Shyla Giancola
  • Events Coordinator: Amanda Blubaugh

IVSA (International Veterinary Student Association)

  • President: Shelby Baden
  • President-elect: Ali Sullivan
  • Treasurer: Rachel Sanchez
  • Secretary: Alexa Diaz
  • Foreign Language Chair: Karina Pinal
  • Travel Grant Chair: Charlotte Myers
  • Website Manager: Annie Kwok

Lab Animal Club

  • President: Mary-Frances Wylie
  • Vice President: Kenzie Schwartz
  • Treasurer: William Hillier
  • Secretary: Rachel Sanchez

Parasitology Club

  • President: Nic Rinke
  • Vice President: Jazz Stephens
  • Treasurer: Reece Bowers
  • Secretary: Sam Paulk
  • Events Coordinator: Alex Schaeffer


  • President: Gillian Herbert
  • Vice President: Meenakshi Rajeev
  • Treasurer: Maria Orbay
  • Secretary: Jazz Stephens

Public Health Club

  • President: Amanda Feldpausch
  • Vice President: Brooke Davis
  • Treasurer: Reece Bowers
  • Secretary: Lindsay Crute
  • Events Coordinator: Annie Kwok

Shelter Medicine Club

  • President: Lauren Termine
  • President-elect: Alex Zachowki
  • Vice President: Hayley Geis
  • Treasurer: Alexa Diaz
  • Treasurer-elect: Sierra Smith
  • Secretary: Holly Simon
  • Events Coordinator: Rebecca Reed

Small Ruminant and Camelid Club

  • President: Alison Blackshire
  • Vice President: Morgan Ganues
  • Treasurer: Hannah Collier
  • Secretary: Rebecca Elrod

Surgery Club

  • President: Meenakshi Rajeev
  • Vice President: Howard Zeigler
  • Treasurer: Jackson Sanders
  • Secretary: Kelsea Guest
  • Events Coordinator: Imani Watkins

SVECCS (Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society)

  • President: McCall Wyatt
  • President-elect: Brittany Baxley
  • Vice President: Bryon Hamilton
  • Treasurer: Sierra Smith
  • Secretary: Alissa Luthart
  • Events Coordinator: Katie Buckley

SwAP (Swine, Aquatic Animals and Poultry)

  • President: Sabrina Hurst
  • Vice Presidnet: Jaime Certusi
  • Treasurer: Reece Bowers
  • Secretary: Kelsea Guest
  • Events Coordinator: Micheal Quist


  • President: Taylor Strickland
  • President-elect: Katy Jacob
  • Vice President: Charles Murray
  • Treasurer: Sara Garbowski
  • Secretary: Kate Herndon

VBMA (Veterinary Business Management)

  • President: Alexa Schaeffer
  • President-elect: Lyla Kotsch
  • Vice President: Colleen Roman
  • Treasurer: Bridget Kviten
  • Secretary: Evgeniya Ermolaeva
  • Events Coordinator: Annah Winsor
  • Co-Events Coordinator: Emily Spengler
  • Senior BCP Coordinator: Kevin Mora
  • Junior BCP: Claire Nunn

VOICE (Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community for Empowerment)

  • President: Azusena Martinez
  • Vice President: Fred Torpy
  • Treasurer: Mollu Lawrence
  • Secretary: Maria Orbay
  • Events Coordinator: Annie Kwok
  • Co-events Coordinator: Ellie Morin

WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association)

  • President: Miranda Rawlins
  • Vice President: Ali Sullivan (Vavlas)
  • Treasurer: Kenzie Schwartz
  • Secretary: Juliette Lacoste