Emily Griffin

Sean Ray

I’m a CBS PhD student in the lab of Mark Tompkins studying the viral immunology and vaccinology of influenza virus. My research focuses on novel vaccine platforms and adjuvants in the context of influenza. Specifically, the immunogenicity of influenza peptides and proteins conjugated to TLR agonists is of keen interest. […]

Lois Craig

Laiba Uroog

I am a Graduate student in the Department of Infectious diseases. My research interests include the development of viral diagnostics and determining immune responses against highly pathogenic strains of Influenza viruses in different animal models.

Justin Shepard

Caroline Page

My name is Caroline Page and I am from San Diego, California. I worked for a biotechnology company for 2 years before starting my Ph.D. at UGA in Infectious Diseases. I study influenza B and utilize mouse and ferret animal models to better understand host-immune response to contemporary viruses.

Jacquelyn Hughes

Ms. Hughes is the Center for Influenza Disease and Emergence Research (CIDER) coordinator and National Institutes of Health contract coordinator within the Center for Vaccines and Immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She manages the operational activities of the center and is responsible for collecting and organizing required contract […]

Ana Lorton

The focus on my research is to identify the mechanism of increased disease severity associated with influenza B and pneumococcus coinfection. This is done by identifying different components of the innate immune response; in addition, to the effect of the microbiome on disease severity.

Dawne Rowe Haas

Dawne Rowe Haas

Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones

Scott K. Johnson

Scott K. Johnson

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