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Our Selection Process

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The Successful Applicant

A successful applicant to UGA’s veterinary program is one who has had a well-rounded undergraduate education. Your major can be in biological sciences or animal sciences or chemistry or business or even art; basically any subject that interests you, as long as you complete the pre-requisite courses with a C (2.0) or better by the end of the spring semester before enrollment.

The successful applicant is one who has had a minimum of 250 hours of diverse veterinary experience (including but not restricted to clinical practice, biomedical research, and public health); one who has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and evidence of leadership potential and community service.

The Selection Process

The minimum requirements to be considered for admission are either:

  • an undergraduate GPA > 3.0 OR
  • GRE (Verbal + Quantitative) > 308 (1200 old scale)

Applicants who meet our minimum requirements will be further evaluated by three UGA College of Veterinary Medicine faculty members. These faculty members will review the application independently. Those candidates whose applications are viewed favorably by the faculty will be forwarded to the Admissions committee for further consideration.

The College of Veterinary Medicine does not conduct interviews as part of the admission process. The Admissions committee will call and interview one or more of the candidate’s references, asking a standardized set of questions. Based on the candidate’s academic credentials, the faculty file evaluations, and the interviews with the references, the Admissions Committee selects Admitted Candidates and Alternates.

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