A Pawsitive New Approach to Veterinary Care

Pictured above: Clark, Dr. Johnson, and Beasley

Dr. Andrea Johnson is a 2001 UGA College of Veterinary Medicine graduate. Because of her strong bond to her pony, Brownie, and her soul-dog, Tully, she pursued mixed animal medicine and accomplished her lifelong dream of owning a practice.

Dr. Johnson and Clark

After successfully co-owning multiple practices with her colleagues, Dr. Johnson and her partners decided to start something new to positively impact the veterinary community. They had seen the mental health issues within the veterinary profession, unfair treatment of veterinarians, and dwindling opportunities for practice ownership, so they decided to start a new practice model. PetVet365 was built to address the issues Dr. Johnson and her team saw in the vet world and challenge what the vet experience could be for the pet, the client, and the doctors. It is a 100% fear free practice for everyone involved, including the ownership.

PetVet365 has now grown to a 25-practice group throughout multiple states, and there are 13 more hospitals on the way. PetVet365 is also doing their part to help students. Dr. Johnson says, “I am now at the point of my career that I am excited to and able to help vet students enter this fabulous career. The student debt load that many veterinarians graduate with really impacts their ability to buy a practice, start a practice, or even finance a home. I would love to fund students who have an interest in practice ownership someday, so that they will have more freedom to do that. There are so many people that have helped us in our careers. We need to turn around and help those coming up behind us to keep this profession strong. Donating to the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine is a great way to do that.”

To continue her support of students, Dr. Johnson recently established the Clark Johnson Entrepreneurial Scholarship at the UGA CVM to provide scholarship support for a DVM student. To learn how you, too, can support UGA CVM students through scholarships, or in other ways, please contact the CVM’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations at [email protected] or 706-542-1807.

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