CVM faculty member named University Professor

By Communications Team

Dr. Jim Moore has been a faculty member in the CVM for 40 years. Exemplifying the College’s mission of research, service, and teaching, Dr. Moore has always acted in at least one of these roles during his time with the university.

Originally devoted to equine surgery and researching endotoxemia in horses, Dr. Moore was integral in establishing the College as a global force in colic research. He was one of three founders of the Equine Colic Research Symposium, an international gathering of the minds on the topic, which was first held at the university in 1982. Over the course of his career, his focuses have shifted, and he has written over 140 publications on a variety of topics—including teaching and learning. The University recognized Dr. Moore for his research in 2002 by appointing him as a Distinguished Research Professor.

In the classroom, Dr. Moore is known for innovation and a guiding hand in our students’ studies. He has taught lessons on colic for decades and now teaches an elective course on this topic alongside Dr. Michelle Barton. He was recognized as a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor in 2012 and has received numerous other teaching awards from various external institutions. He also acted as the head of the Department of Large Animal Medicine from 1995 to 2002.

Since 2013, Dr. Moore has acted as the director of Educational Resources at the CVM, a unit devoted to developing instructional materials for the CVM, other university units, and the public at large. Educational Resources provides several services including medical illustration and graphic design, 3Dmodeling, and photography/videography. The group has also developed more than 50 Apple Books—electronic books addressing concepts that our students otherwise might find difficult to visualize or understand. These Apple Books cover a variety of topics for many audiences. A couple of recent releases include an overview of the urinary system for fifth graders called Urine Charge and a primer for veterinary medical professionals and students on diagnosing stifle disease in horses aptly titled Radiographic Diagnosis of Equine Stifle Disease. The books are available as free downloads and have been downloaded more than 120,000 times in 51 countries around the world.








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