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The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Ophthalmology Service provides eye care to all species. With access to the latest diagnostic equipment, we are able to perform complete workups, including advanced imaging such as high resolution ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI technology.

Small animal services:
• Cataract extraction (phacoemulsification)
• Corneal transplant
• Conjunctival flap
• Trauma repair

UGA is proud to provide comprehensive planning and treatment of ocular tumors, including strontium 90 irradiation therapy. Our team is equipped and ready to see all species including exotic species and wildlife. We offer a full range of services for horses including cataract surgery and cyclosporine implants for ERU. To make an appointment with the small animal side of this service, a referral from your veterinarian is required.

Equine services:
equine opthalmologyWe are excited to announce that we now offer cataract surgery in horses, thanks to a new piece of specialized equipment. Other services offered include:

  • Management of Corneal Ulcers and Uveitis
  • Corneal Grafting
  • Cyclosporine Implants
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Iris Cyst Ablation
  • Squamous Cell Treatment
  • And More!

Equine appointments are now available daily. Call to schedule yours today! For all large animal cases a referral is not required. 

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