Miniature Schnauzer Renal Disease Study

Miniature Schnauzer Renal Disease Study

An award from the Gray Lady Foundation is being used by the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to conduct urine testing free of charge in Miniature Schnauzers in order to identify proteinuric animals that could have Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and would potentially benefit from early treatment to slow its progression. For more information contact

Dr. Cathy Brown ([email protected] or 706-542-5568)

A urine protein to creatinine ratio (UPC) will be determined on each urine sample. If the UPC is elevated, a sediment analysis will also be performed to rule-out a urinary tract infection, inflammation, or hemorrhage as a cause of the proteinuria.

1. Please include this submission form

2. Urine can be collected via cystocentesis, catheterization, or voided free catch

3. Submit in a 10 ml clot (red top – no SST) tube, plastic cups with screw-on lids or plastic conical tubes

4. A minimum volume of 3 ml is preferred; smaller volumes may suffice if a urinalysis is not required

5. Refrigerate samples. Ship with a cold pack via our courier , overnight UPS with a discounted shipping label or Fed Ex to Dr. Cathy Brown at the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (501 D.W. Brooks, University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602)

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