New professional master’s program offered by the College of Veterinary Medicine

By Staff

The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia has announced the formation of a one-year, non-thesis professional master’s program designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in biomedical professions and wish to strengthen their knowledge in biomedical physiology before entering a professional degree program.

Part of the Comparative Biomedical Science graduate program, this is a structured, cohort-based, non-thesis degree that results in a Master of Science in comparative biomedical science with an emphasis in integrative biomedical physiology.

“We are excited to welcome our first students to this new program,” said Gaylen Edwards, professor and department head of physiology and pharmacology. “Our hope is that this program will benefit students seeking employment in biomedical-related fields or planning to attend professional school. After completing the program, they will be better-prepared and more competitive applicants to any professional program.  The program will also provide a solid foundation in biomedical science for students planning to work in industry, advocacy or similar fields.”

The program’s goal is to provide foundational knowledge and professional skills that will prepare students for careers in a broad range of biomedical professions such as veterinary medicine, human medicine, biomedical engineering, and biomedical or diagnostic technology. The first cohort will begin in the fall of 2019. To apply go to

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