Possible Rabies bite/exposure case?

Possible Rabies bite/exposure case?

Call the Environmental Health Office in the county where the bite occurred. Download the list of County Environmental Health Office numbers (PDF).

The county’s Environmental Health Office completes a bite incident report in a new program called SENDSS (State Electronic Notifiable Disease Surveillance System). They also make arrangements to send the animal/head/brain, along with the SENDSS report, to the Georgia Department of Public Health Laboratory for Rabies testing free of charge.

More questions? Call 706-542-5568 to speak with the virology manager.

The Athens and Tifton Laboratories are not public health laboratories and our results are not definitive in rabies bite cases. You must call the county where the bite occurred. NOTE: Rabies exposure, not involving a bite, is very rare and involves contact of saliva or brain matter of an infected animal with scratches, abrasions, open wounds or mucous membranes.

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