Rendering of Dog Brain

UGA illustration programs merge hard science with fine art

By Ciara Pysczynski

Offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Educational Resources Center, UGA’s post-graduate certificate in comparative medical illustration provides students with classroom and experiential education in a variety of media. The program is helmed by Jim Moore, director of Educational Resources and a Distinguished Research Professor in large animal medicine.

While they take some graduate-level courses through the College of Veterinary Medicine, the students are focused on their assistantships in Educational Resources, where they work alongside medical illustration experts to put their training to the test. With this approach, their hard work amounts to more than a grade: Their illustrations help students at UGA and beyond.

“Our graduate assistants work with faculty members to create educational materials for use in their curricula, converting complex or difficult-to-envision concepts into visually appealing illustrations, animations or interactive 3D models,” said Moore. “It is our hope that these will help students develop strong mental models they can rely on when it comes time to apply these concepts later on.”

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