Jonah Elliot Clark Scholarship for BIPH Students

About the Scholarship
Past Winners
  • 2023 – Lexie Arizona Godfrey

2023 Winner Lexie Arizona Godfrey with Rob Clark and Gaylen Edwards


2023 Winner Lexie Arizona Godfrey with Rob Clark


B.S. Biomedical Physiology
Minor in Biomedical Physiology
Physiology Peer Learning Assistants (PPLAs)

Graduation and Convocation Information

Tassel Color

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s tassel color is Science golden yellow.


The College of Veterinary Medicine will be holding its first convocation this spring on May 10 2024 at 10am. Each student will be provided with 2 tickets

Convocation will be held in the CVM in Room #2501. An overflow room will livestream the ceremony for anyone without a ticket (Room #2515).

Wellness Resources

About Athens
We know that moving to a new place can be scary, but with the welcoming community, the endless fun to be had and the undeniable Bulldog spirit, Athens, Georgia is a place you will love!

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Mental Health Statement

UGA Well-being Resources promote student success by cultivating a culture that supports a more active, healthy, and engaged student community.


Anyone needing assistance is encouraged to contact Student Care & Outreach (SCO) in the Division of Student Affairs at 706-542-8479 or visit Student Care & Outreach helps students navigate difficult circumstances by connecting them with the most appropriate resources or services. They also administer the Embark@UGA program which supports students experiencing, or who have experienced, homelessness, foster care, or housing insecurity.


UGA provides both clinical and non-clinical options to support student well-being and mental health, any time, any place. Whether on campus, or studying from home or abroad, UGA Well-being Resources are here to help.

• Well-being Resources:

• Student Care and Outreach:

• University Health Center:

• Counseling and Psychiatric Services: or

CAPS 24/7 crisis support at 706-542-2273

• Health Promotion/ Fontaine Center:

• Disability Resource Center and Testing Services:


Additional information, including free digital well-being resources, can be accessed through the UGA app or by visiting

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