Caring for your horse's unique eye needs

A horse’s vision plays an important role in its overall health and, for competitive riders, its ability to perform. Our ophthalmologists understand this and have advanced training in caring for all aspects of your horse’s eyes. This includes diagnosing and treating a wide-variety of diseases as well as handling trauma cases.

How we can help:

  • Laceration repairs (eyelid, cornea)
  • Medical and surgical management of corneal ulceration (conjunctival and other grafts, diamond burr debridement)
  • Cataract extraction (phacoemulsification)
  • Laser therapy for glaucoma and iris disease
  • Ocular tumor treatment, including cryosurgery and strontium 90 irradiation therapy
  • Ocular and orbital ultrasonography
  • Equine breed screening eye exams
  • Diagnosis, medical and surgical management for equine recurrent uveitis

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