Weitong Chen

Grant Crane

Ellen Haynes

Yen-Jun Chuang

Brent Simpson

Dong An

My research focuses on vaccine development using paramyxovirus-based viral vectors, virus assembly, paramyxovirus VLP study, paramyxovirus fusion protein structure and function, and virus-promoted membrane fusion.

Hind Yahyaoui Azami

Hind Yahyaoui Azami is an early-career researcher in the field of infectious diseases, with 10 years’ cumulative post-graduate experience in the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases. She has carried out research in Morocco and Switzerland and possess strong skills in managing international knowledge networks, research partnerships and program development in the […]

C. Joaquin Caceres

Kalyan Dewan

Whitney Rabacal

Whitney Rabacal

Whitney Rabacal obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME) in 2006 and then worked as a research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA) in the laboratory Dr. Vicki Rubin Kelley from 2016-2010, focusing on models of autoimmune kidney disease. In 2016, Dr. Rabacal then received her […]

Aaron Gingerich

My research interests surround characterizing and devising novel strategies to combat viral/bacterial co-infections. Currently my research focuses on the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae and its synergistic interactions with Influenza virus, RSV and hMPV.

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