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Batman the cat enjoys more than pursuing villains and chilling at the bat cave. He also enjoys bobbing for frogs in our creek. His head-dunking led to a yeast infection in his ear and a trip to see the dermatology department at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Thanks to the […]

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Study to determine the molecular pathways of autoimmune skin disease using RNA sequencing

Transcriptome Profiling of Autoimmune Skin Disease Lesions using RNA Sequencing Investigators: Frane Banovic, DVM PhD Dipl ECVD (Dermatology faculty) If interested, please call the Small Animal Teaching Hospital at 706-542-3221 and ask to leave a message for Dr. Banovic or email [email protected]. Referring veterinarians may call the small animal referral […]

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Frane Banovic

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