Study to evaluate the effectiveness of bone marrow concentrate for the control of osteoarthritis associated elbow pain in dogs

Title: A pilot, masked, randomized clinical field study to evaluate the effectiveness of joint injection with bone marrow concentrate (BMC) compared to placebo for the control of pain associated with elbow osteoarthritis in dogs. Investigators: Valentine Verpaalen, DVM, MS, DACVS (Surgery Faculty) If interested, please call the UGA Small Animal […]

A Ten-Karat Heart of Gold

Like most, Karen Burns had never heard of the Caucasian shepherd before her son adopted one. These little-known dogs are nothing short of enormous—bred to protect livestock in Eastern Europe’s Caucasus Mountains, they are big, fluffy, and (arguably) imposing. But for her son, one was not enough. On Valentine’s Day […]

Whitney Hinson

Valentine Verpaalen

Small Animal Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Jet Schwalbe

While his family was abroad, Jet suddenly lost feeling in and use of his rear legs due to an intervertebral disc herniation. As this condition is common in dachshunds, UGA clinicians jumped into action and performed a surgery to address the issue. Unfortunately, the chance of complete recovery when compounded […]

Cristin Thurman

Cristin Thurman

Spencer Johnston

Spencer Johnston

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