AAVP Recognizes Dr. Ray Kaplan and Lab at Conference

By Noah Hill

The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) awarded Ray Kaplan with the Distinguished Veterinary Parasitolgist Award. It is the highest award the AAVP awards and is internationally recognized.

Pablo David Jimenez Castro, a PhD student in Dr. Kaplan's lab, was awarded first place in the Bayer Best Student Paper Competition for the best oral presentation given at the AAVP conference. His paper was titled “Evidence of multiple drug resistance in Ancylostoma caninum confirmed by in vitro assays and in vivo trials”.

Another student in Dr. Kaplan's lab, Julie Sanchez, was awarded an honorable mention for her paper, titled “Using population genetics to examine relationships of Dirofilaria immitis based on both macrocyclic-lactone resistance status and geography”.

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