Generosity of Donors Impacts Generations to Come

Pictured above: Kristen Cohen (left) and Jamie Williams (right)

A photo of a dog

The Capozzis’s beloved dog, Dilly

John and Jeanne Capozzi were born in the same hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. They both attended local colleges and experienced fulfilling careers – John as an art director for several large companies and Jeanne as an elementary school teacher. After retiring, the Capozzis moved to their second home, a historic house built in 1867, located in Savannah, GA. The house was wonderful, other than the singular closet it contained. John told Jeanne that she would have to lighten her wardrobe. Instead, John and Jeanne moved into a modern residence on Whitemarsh Island.

John was a devoted member of Rotary International, having been a member for more than 25 years. He had an encouraging conversation with a fellow Rotary member and veterinarian, Dr. Stanley Lester. Feeling inspired, John contacted the University of Georgia and Auburn University about bequests in their new will. Within the day, the Capozzis were contacted by UGA’s Kathy Bangle. As fate would have it, Kathy was traveling through Savannah and arranged to meet John and Jeanne. The Capozzis tease Kathy for her willfulness to be picked up and taken to lunch, as they “could have been serial killers.” Kathy responded that “serial killers don’t have Rotary license plates.”

“Kathy was a delight who gave a wealth of information about UGA, especially the veterinary college,” said the Capozzis. They were invited to take a tour of campus, including the College of Veterinary Medicine. John and Jeanne were incredibly impressed with the facilities and faculty of UGA. Upon returning to Savannah, they met with their attorney to draw up a new will, with a veterinary scholarship high on the list.

A photo of a cat

The Capozzi’s adored cat, Sweetie

This year’s recipients of the John and Jeanne Capozzi Scholarship are Kristen Cohen and Jamie Williams, both second year DVM candidates with mixed animal focuses. “Scholarships are the reason I am able to pursue my passions in veterinary medicine,” Williams shared. “I am so thankful to attend a school with such gracious donors that truly care about the future of veterinary medicine. This scholarship will ease some of the financial burden that comes along with pursuing this career, and for that I am so thankful,” expressed Cohen.

The Capozzis are proud CVM scholarship donors, and, in addition to their scholarship, have also established several planned gifts at the University, one directly supporting Vet Med. “During our 57-year marriage, it has been our privilege to adopt many dogs and several cats, all of whom have been rescues. As we have no children, all of these pets have certainly been like our surrogate children. We feel blessed to have them.” The impact of the Capozzis is profound, and their generosity will continue to impact many generations to come.

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