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UGA College of Veterinary Medicine introduces new online professional master’s program

The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia has announced the formation of a completely online Master’s program in Comparative Biomedical Sciences. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and is designed to provide a broad foundation for students who intend to pursue professional careers in veterinary or human medicine, biomedical […]

CVM-affiliated teaching assistants recognized for pedagogic contributions

The UGA Center for Teaching and Learning recognizes graduate students annually for their significant contributions to instruction at the university. This year, three College of Veterinary Medicine teaching assistants were recognized. Ahmed Hikal and Madelyn Krunkosky were awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award. This award is presented to the top 10% […]

Susan Nunnally

CVM faculty member named 2020 Meigs Professor

Puliyur MohanKumar is a professor of veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging, but he’s best known for leading our first-year students through their first anatomy course. A student-favorite educator, MohanKumar is always working to create innovative ways for students to learn—a challenge when your coursework is as broad as anatomy. Learn […]

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Jeff Hogan

Robert Jeffrey Hogan

Dr. Hogan began his 30 year scientific career studying host-pathogen interactions during his graduate studies, which focused on immune responses to viral infection in teleosts. After receiving his doctoral degree, he joined the laboratory of Dr. David Woodland at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where his research focused on cell-mediated […]

Steven D. Holladay

Steven D. Holladay

Robert M. Gogal Jr.
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Carla Jarrett

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Sherry Sanderson

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Tai L. Guo

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