Ashley M. Rasys, Boehringer Ingelheim Research Award Winner

UGA College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Student Receives High Honors for Research

By Communications Team

Several veterinary students and one graduate veterinary researcher are recognized annually at the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium with Boehringer Ingelheim awards in recognition of their early contributions to research advancing animal and human health.

Dr. Ashley M. Rasys, from the University of Georgia, received the 2022 Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Research Award for Graduate Veterinarians, which recognizes graduate veterinarians who have completed or will soon complete a Ph.D. program or are in their final years of residency training in veterinary pathology, medicine, surgery, radiology/ imaging, or laboratory animal medicine. Dr. Rasys’ work has focused on genome editing in reptiles, with the intention to develop a cheaper and more efficient method to edit the chicken genome in order to help mitigate pathogen spread and disease among birds.

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