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A Deep-Dive into Gratitude: Georgia Aquarium’s Scholarship Recipient Expresses the Impact of and Appreciation for her Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Georgia Aquarium and their establishment of the Pete Correll Memorial Scholarship, each year a deserving DVM candidate receives academic support, helping them get one step closer to earning their degree. Morgan Blickley, 4th year DVM candidate and first-generation college student from Macungie, PA, was the most recent recipient of this scholarship. When offered the chance to meet their scholarship recipient, Georgia Aquarium went a step above and offered Morgan and her family a private, behind-the-scenes tour of their facility.

A photo of Morgan at the Georgia Aquarium with an eelRecently, Morgan and her family participated in this opportunity, and here’s what she had to say about the experience: “I got to go to the Georgia Aquarium with my family and we had a great time! It was awesome to go behind-the-scenes so my parents and my grandmother could see more of the amazing aquatic animals and learn more about what veterinarians do. We had a blast, and it was fantastic to share more of vet med with them!”

As for the impact of the scholarship, Morgan shared: “Thank you so much for your generosity in funding my scholarship. My family and I were thrilled when we heard the good news, and I am still excited that I get to continue my education here with less financial strain. This award has already proven helpful, since it greatly reduced the amount of money I took in loans to finance my third year. My experience at UGA has been so important in shaping who I am as a future doctor.”

Georgia Aquarium created the Pete Correll Memorial Scholarship to honor the life of Pete Correll, a longtime supporter of both Georgia Aquarium and the University of Georgia. Georgia Aquarium partners with the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine and our Zoonotics residents program, hosting students each semester pursuing their DVM with a focus in Zoonotics. UGA Vet Med is incredibly grateful for Georgia Aquarium’s continued partnership and staunch support of our students, curriculum, and beyond.

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