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Navigating love through loss: Honoring Bailey’s Legacy

This is our Bailey. He was our first child. We got him when we’d been married six months. He was there for our first home purchase, our move to the suburbs, and through three pretty tough pregnancies. He essentially watched us grow up.

His death was unexpected and traumatic. At age nine, after spinal surgery on two ruptured vertebral discs, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. He was on low dose heart meds, but his heart was never enlarged and he never displayed any symptoms. However, right before his 14th birthday he went into massive heart failure. It was fast, there was nothing we could do, and we were devastated.

Our vet knew how special Bailey was to us. A few weeks after his death I received a letter that she had donated money in his honor to UGA. It was such an amazing gift, I have tried to do the same for others.

Losing a fur baby is so hard. I love this program because it gives us a way to remember our four-legged friends in a meaningful way. Everyone I’ve donated for is always so touched. I’m so thankful this program exists and will continue to use it.

Thanks for all you do,

Jennifer and David Brown

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