Christopher Zdyrski headshot

Christopher Zdyrski

Eugene Douglass headshot

Eugene Douglass

Dr. Douglass has training in physical and organic chemistry, immunology and computational biology. In his undergraduate work (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) he worked with physicists and chemists and published first and second author publications in medical-diagnostics and photovoltaics, respectively. During his doctoral work (Yale University) he designed, synthesized and tested small-molecule […]

Lorenzo Villa-Zapata headshot from UGA College of Pharmacy

Lorenzo Villa-Zapata

Niying Li headshot from UGA College of Pharmacy

Niying Li

Steve Correia headshot from UGA College of Public Health

Steve Correia

Yang Liu headshot from UGA College of Engineering

Yang Liu

TaoTao Wu headshot from College of Engineering

TaoTao Wu

Lok Raj Joshi

Agnes Bourgois mochel

Dr. Mochel and family

Jonathan Mochel

Dr. Jon P. Mochel obtained his Veterinary Medical Degree from the National Veterinary School of Alfort (Paris, France). He completed his Doctorate studying Neurosciences in collaboration with the College de France and received the Silver Medal from Paris XII for his work. Dr. Mochel holds a MS in Pharmacology and […]

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