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Department of Infectious Diseases

News Spotlights

Chance symbiosis

Nov Mon 2016

Chikungunya virus—a disease with such an outlandish name seems like it should be confined to a fittingly exotic locale. However, within 50 years of its discovery, the mosquito-borne virus, which causes a high fever and joint pain, has spread from the forests of its native Central Africa to the Indian subcontinent, the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and in 2013, the Americas. With the first case of Chikungunya acquired within the United States occurring in Florida in 2014, it is clear the virus is finding ways to establish itself in parts of the world where it has never before been seen—the lingering question is, “How?”

UGA parasitologist elected to American Heartworm Society board of directors

Oct Thu 2016

Andrew R. Moorhead, DVM, MS, PhD, an associate research scientist and parasitologist at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, was elected to the board of directors for the American Heartworm Society during the Society’s recent 2016 Triennial Symposium. 

Father-son faculty duo team up on NSF grant

Oct Tue 2016

Both Drs. Quinn are co-principal investigators for a National Science Foundation research grant looking at the impact of large-scale data collection on scientists’ ability to efficiently track infectious diseases.

Dr. Julie Moore appointed Associate Vice President for Research for UGA

Jul Wed 2016

Julie M. Moore, PhD, has been appointed an associate vice president for research and has joined the senior leadership team in the University of Georgia’s Office of the Vice President for Research, effective July 7.

Patterns of infection

May Fri 2015

Dr. Ezenwa wins Fulbright to study parasites in people.

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