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Animal and public health is seriously threatened by viral, bacterial and parasitic infectious diseases. These diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, claiming at least 17 million human lives, and indeterminable numbers of animals each year.

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With a focus on cutting edge techniques and both basic and translational science, the department is working to address all aspects of infectious diseases. Our strengths lie in immunology, vaccinology, drug discovery, and investigation of host pathogen interactions, and our graduate programs are highly sought after.

Additionally, our research program is tackling the world’s greatest challenges, such as searching for ways to stop the spread of zika.

From teaching to research to service, our faculty are highly collaborative – working with other UGA departments and universities on high-level research —  and dedicated to providing expertise in disease diagnosis as part of our veterinary diagnostic labs in Athens and Tifton.

Graduate Programs

For those interested in a research-driven career in academia or industry, we offer a PhD in Infectious Diseases. We also participate in the college-wide Comparative Biomedical Science graduate program and in the college’s DVM-PhD program.

Upcoming Seminars

All seminars are held at 11:10 a.m. in the Coverdell Center, room 175.


9 – Gene Olinger & Hillary Wood, MRI Global (hosted by Russ Karls)

16 – Ed Nardell, Harvard Medical School (hosted by Fred Quinn)

23 – John Harrington (hosted by Andrew Moorhead)

30 – Brent Credille, UGA (hosted by Andrew Moorhead)


7 – William Secor, CDC (hosted by Dennis Kyle)

14 – Franklin West, UGA (hosted by Andrew Moorhead)

21 Mostafa Zamanian, University of Wisconsin (hosted by Ray Kaplan)

28 – Nikki Shariat, PDRC/Pop Health (hosted by David Peterson)


4 – Joshua Chandler, Emory University (hosted by Balazs Rada)

11 – Amy Wesolowski, John Hopkins University (hosted by Liliana Salvador)

18 – James Wasmuth, University of Calgary (hosted by Adrian Wolstenholme)


2 – Hal King, Public Health Innovations (hosted by Fred Quinn)

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