Lane McCarthy

Abbie Vaughn

Sierra Rojas

Cody Johnson

Morgan Grey

Amber Hall

Katherine Major

Killian Ross

Tiffany Brock

Selena Simmons

Brittany Henry

Bonnie Schofield

Melanie Reed

Wei Huang

Sergio Valdez espinoza

Jacob Shurba

Lindsey Clark

Christopher Zdyrski headshot

Christopher Zdyrski

Dr. Christopher Zdyrski obtained his PhD in Genetics and Genomics from Iowa State University where he focused on the culture and characterization of novel 3D organoids (stem cells). Dr. Zdyrski currently works in the SMART Comparative Medicine Laboratory at UGA’s CVM, led by Dr. Jonathan Mochel and Dr. Karin Allenspach. […]

Michael Corder

Anne Goodall

Maryam Siddique

Jadalynn Ginn

Kris Jay

Michaella Rubio

Carla Foditsch

Yaping Li

Cameron Vicknair

Rachel Brown

Jason Johnson

Kelly Brunick

Melissa Hollis

Agnes Bourgois mochel

Abby Raybon

Rachel Boleman

Hadley Copeland

Xiaotao Jin

Orianna Watters

Autumn Marlow

Thomas Higgins

Deja Keen

Camilla Quattrini

Camilla Quattrini

Tessa Dimick

Robin Patterson hill

Drea Marlow

Anna Barber

Dhrue Vinson

Reese Lofgren

Jason Pearson

Jessica Hammock

Paula Bartlett

Dagmar Nelson

Dixy Phillips

Kaitlyn Freeman

Tyson Latimore

Karsyn Daniels

Halee Gillespie

Gable Peacock

Xinrui Xiong

Pamela Hanley

Mohamed Elbadawy headshot

Mohamed Elbadawy

Dr. Mohamed Elbadawy, BSc, MS, PhD (Veterinary Pharmacology) has been employed in academia as a faculty for the past 15 years with a demonstrated history of teaching and research. Dr. Elbadawy has a lot of high quality publications and patents in the veterinary pharmacology, toxicology, and cancer biology. Dr. Elbadawy […]

Annamaria Scalia

Libby Siedell headshot

Libby Siedell

Libby serves as a medical illustrator for Educational Resources. She received her BA in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University, after which she earned her MA in Biological and Medical Illustration from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. There, she […]

Chunki Kim

Arturo Barahona

Elizabeth Clawson

Rebecca Crosby

Jennifer Gordon

Yoonhee Han

Fatma Bayrakdar

Chloe Carter

Michael Kitchens

Nicole Rainey

Alexa Hargrove

Davis Seelig

Carson Saurage

Brenna Gassman

Rachel Mccurley

Rosemary Kim

Morgan Roberson

Morgan Roberson

Megan Reeves headshot

Megan Reeves

Megan Reeves Sifuentes, like many in this field, started out as a curious kid with a love for exploring the world and drawing what she found. As a career choice, applying artistic skill to the field of scientific education felt like the perfect choice. Megan earned her BFA in Scientific […]

Brittany Graham

Maria Naskou

Stephani Mock

Reagan Watkins

Alexis Seekamp

Sharon Vaughn

David Mahlmann

Erin Ecclestone

Andrew Eggleston

Samantha Hogan

Judy Hu

Caitlin Quinn

Meghan Livingston

Eric Fish

Imani Green

Nicholas Friedeman

Ludy Carmola

Ryanne Hart

Alexis Banuelos

Lawton Harris

Taylor Bornhorn

Hadiyah Orr

Shelbie Mclaughlin

Kathryn Kollars

My name is Katie Kollars and I grew up in Statesboro, Georgia. I moved to Athens to earn my BFA in scientific illustration at UGA. During my undergrad, I worked as a lab assistant in the dept. of entomology and realized how much I enjoyed working with insects in the […]

Danielle Miller

Troy Myers

Miranda Mensah

Brionna Clayton

Narke Norton

Daniel Gomes

Karen Horne

William Byrum

Isaac Swier

Huaixing Wang

Emily Bergen

Jessica Johnson

Richard Junkins

Caleb Dowell

Nikole Castleberry

Elizabeth Boudreau

Austin Wright

Nicole Davis

Vanna Dickerson

Alexis Baird

Dylan Johnson

Preston Woods

Lilly Erwin

Kayla Adcock

I received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a minor in Spanish from UGA in 2015. I then obtained my Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences from Mercer University in 2018. I have since been working as a research technician in Dr. Daniel Mead’s lab at the Southeastern Cooperative […]

Dexter Smith

Sasha Compton

Amanda Gregory

Lisa Morris

Shaquille Noble

Alyssa Jarvis

Larry Wade

Michaela Chosewood

Ashleigh Smith

Shawn Wallbillich

Weston Feldman

Ronald Stewart

Horace Minish

Robert Cooper

Elizabeth Milner

Harlee Mccarty

Lauren Richardson

David Neely

Tristan andrew Acosta

Jessica Dukes

Katelyn Guillory

Amy Carter

Amy Phillips

Breana Echols

Carrie Coker

April Skipper

Qiuyun Jiang

Ja nay Windmoller

Jennifer Padgett

Christopher Neldon

Kerami Moss

Jordan Guy

Queen olivia Ross

Megan Lauderdale

Kamirae Camp

Kamirae Camp

Nicholas Bazemore

Brandi Barber

Brandan Dixon

Suzanne Lamb

Sydni Lawrence

Michael Davis

Gulnaz Shaikh

Brandi Shealy

Michelle Jones

Abby Bryant

Taylor Hicks

Rob Clark

Haley Waters

Sarah Murphy

Samantha Matthews

Rachel Perez

Erin Jarrett

Evann Rowland

David Wills

Jamie Jimenez

Taryn Williams

Taylor Godfrey

Renato Leon catano

Emma Sayeski

Kelley Gibson

Margaret Green

Eli Ensor headshot

Eli Ensor

Eli Ensor joined Educational Resources in 2022 as a medical illustrator. After attending Emory University, Eli earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia. He then moved to Chicago where he completed the Biomedical Illustration MS program a\t the University of Illinois – Chicago. […]

Don Arntz

Don Arntz

Amy Sizemore

Sinaya Linker

Michael Pedreira

Hilda Rivas salcido

Virginia Freeman

Brittany Turpin

Keith Sikora

Taylor Whaley

Hannah Temples

Elena Fajardo cruz

Amanda Greenway

Rebecca Butler

Holly Hart

Paul T Oesterle

Amanda Zagata

Taylor Morrissey

Frankie Stewart

Shannon Peterman

Tamela Johnson

Patricia Mcphail

Michael Trent

Joel Bonser

Teresa Dorminy

Valerie Giles

Mark Wagner

Michael Kandefer

Adeline Miller

Yoko Ismodes

Cassie Waters

Tiffany Anderson

Shivani Patel

Rachel Stadler

Hannah Rose

Shannon Borsom

Gary Wright

Timothy Campodonico

Brianna Cuellar

Mandy Grizzle

Kaylin Wells

Josh Tucker

Daniela Galeano

Thomas Campbell

Lois Craig

Angela Tolbert

Robert Mims

Jared Breedlove

Lawrence Ferguson

Leslie Phelps

Aminata Sarr

Wendy Simpson

Krista Mitchell

Aaron Dale

Jessie Waters

Bernard Wolff

Silvia Carnaccini

Silvia Carnaccini

Dr Carnaccini obtained her DVM degree from the University of Bologna, Italy in 2012 and her PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences from the University of Georgia in 2020. Her PhD research focused on studying the molecular determinants of antigenicity of the H9 subtype of avian influenza virus. She also contributed […]

Andrea Vought

Morgan George

Keri Moore

Kevin Pease

Abby White

Amber Hodge

Julie McPeake

Noah Primiani

Regina Zuck

Robert Hollett

Gary Zenitsky

Vivian Russum

Malini Anantharam

Pauline Rakich

Cynthia Watson

Michelle Duncan

Frank Michel

Kevin Whiten

Zach Ginn headshot

Zach Ginn

I’m a programmer who specializes in creating interactive materials using different languages such as C# and JavaScript. I help the medical illustrators in their work to create interactive educational pieces. I enjoy working alongside the skilled, professionals here at ERC.

Lacey Chesser

Lashandra Coleman

Molly Gilbert

Donna Basic

Lauren Crowe

Maggie Smith

Jacquelyn Hughes

Ms. Hughes is the Center for Influenza Disease and Emergence Research (CIDER) coordinator and National Institutes of Health contract coordinator within the Center for Vaccines and Immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She manages the operational activities of the center and is responsible for collecting and organizing required contract […]

Hana Ji

Emma Whitesell

Celia Saney

Alexis Hicks

Janna Anderson

Haley Carr

Sarah Robertson

Katie Threlkeld

Karen Wingard

Emma Jones

Jordan Lockridge

Kaci Kennedy

Julia Mcpherson

Marianne Gibson

Faith Eason

Rebecca Bain

Kara Tiffany

Lizabeth Buzzelli

Ileia Scheibe

Corey Brisson

Anna Ball

Brittany Baker

Katie Sexton Hodges

Jonathan Hill

Tabatha Hill

Cortney Castleman

Karen Materne

Johnnie Lott

Nicholas Madsen

Hua Shi

Hua Shi is a third-year doctoral candidate in the infectious disease department with a major in comparative biomedical science. She was born and raised in China and got her Bachelor of Science degree at the Central South University in China, majoring in pharmacy. Her laboratory experience as an undergraduate triggered […]

Victoria Andreasen

Charlotte Bolle

Amber Kelly

Amy Kuhn

Teddy Spikes

Gustavo Garcia

Jonathan Rust

Isabel Chastain

Kyle Nelson

Alexys Small

Krista Albritton

Jordan Richardson

Robert Gafnea

Teri Roloson

Rachel Brandt

Rachel Brandt

Sarah Hammond

Jennifer Hicks

Mallory Moye

Deborah Altman

Tammie Vann

Brooke Cain

Syble Rice

Emma Pitt

Cathy Brown

Karen Gurley

Jin Qian

Cindy Rice

Amy Lavender

Andrea Wall

Stephanie Okelley

Fran Cantrell

Frances Cantrell

Kristie Goins

Hannah Walker

Rachel Baker

Katherine Gilmore

Hampton Rowland

Wesley Meador

Christopher Darby

Christopher Evans

Jackelyn Murray Crabtree

Amanda Williams-Rhaesa

Hiroshi Ichikawa

Yen-Jun Chuang

Ingrid Fernandez-Marrero

Jillian Fishburn

Michelle Norris

Roger Nilsen

Anna-Claire Bullington

Deborah Blakey

Michele Coarsey

Tracey Ellis

Brooke Hogan

Sabrina Bailey

Shirley Smith

Wendy Counkle

Jessica Moss

Jackie Pinson

Melissa Atha

Mary Bridges

Rebecca Atkinson

Stacy Kraby

Joshua Belote

Christopher Barker

Ernesto Ornelas

Jian Zhang

Angela Park

Caleb Mason

Amy Mckinney

Ashley Phillips

Jennifer Lightsey

Rebecca Cox

Llewelyn Sellers

Kara Huff

Rob Miller

Robert Miller

Brooke Adams

Casey Swain

Kimberly Goins

Mary Ethridge

Mary Jones

Matthew Wiggins

Elyssa Campbell

Katelin Greenway

Debi Baughman

Philip Dixon

Robin Young

Kimberly Bridges

Sarah Benson

Anna Ogle

Regan Phillips

Vicky Waters

Jarrett Baptist

Michael Moody

Charles Watson

Jared Martz

Lacey Gunter

Michael Mcwilliams

Tristan Boudreaux

Dana Bray

Robin Harper

Allen Brock

Jennifer Woods

Katherine Jalali

Mikaila Levendusky

Taylor Cunefare

Haylee Lamey

Amelia Taylor

Ashley Henderson

James Thompson

Jerrica Swaim

Kaley Studdard

Kimberly Lee

Tirrell Nichols

Cassandra Warnock

Linda Mobley

Lindsey Buckner

Matthew Kirkland

Amanda Moody

Laura Mcmillian

Melissa Martin

Samantha Watson

Lisa Whittington

Jacquiline Byrd

Catherine Griffin

Angela Norris

Allen Bryant

Ramona Swain

Chase Bolton

Clayton Russum

Nuha Ashtiwi

PhD candidate. I completed my medical degree (MD) at the University of Tripoli, in Tripoli, Libya. I acquired a Master’s degree in Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory / Biomedical Sciences MLS at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, US. My previous research work focused on the phenotypic analysis of mutant strains […]

Janet Yoder

Courtney Otto

Crystal Nguyen

Lillian Roberts

Patricia Wong

Lynn Reece

Cynthia Reece

Hannah Beck

Tanya Cooper

Teresa Byrd

Bethany Prescott

Bethany Prescott

Erica Eason

Jessica Perlini

Kayla King

Khristopher Harris

Robert Jarrett

Sara McAbee

Ellen Sims

Ellen Sims

Sonya Lane

Brooke Hogan Spurlin

Noelle Browning

Noelle Browning is a social worker with the last six working in the human hospice and bereavement field. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Central Florida in 2011. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia and Florida. The last two years she has […]

Melanie Lovette

Naomi Crabtree

Jodie Harvey

Mary Byrd

Yi Chu

Yi Chu

Connie Cheng

Chip Woods

Matthew Martin

Liming Lu

Seth Thompson

Shawn Gemmell

Jeffrey Duke

Cathy Allison

Jevon Maynard

Stuart Kimbell

Shauna Corsaro

Andrew Hanneman

Bradford Powell

Donald Faulkner

Kenneth West

Matthew Blankenship

Brad Gilleland headshot

Brad Gilleland

Brad Gilleland serves as a medical illustrator for Educational Resources. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Scientific Illustration. Brad then attended the Medical College of Georgia where he received a MS in Medical Illustration. After completing an internship at the College of Veterinary Medicine in […]

Christopher Herron headshot

Christopher Herron

Christopher B. Herron is a professional fine art photographer, videographer, and musician.  He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and was the recipient of the Vince Dooley Scholarship for Photography. Christopher is currently the Digital Media Coordinator in charge of biomedical photography, […]

Ivy Sipsy

Carey Lovelace

Abraham Westfall

C. Joaquin Caceres

Jazmin Lynn

Harmony A. Seahorn

Harmony A. Seahorn

Nick Davis-Fields

Grew up in Hiram, GA. Graduated with a BS in Ecology from the Odum School of Ecology and UGA in 2010. Research Technician at SCWDS for 5 years before taking Research Professional position at PDRC in 2018.

Gabrielle Kirton

Hannah Hanley

Hannah Hanley

Karissa Carpenter

Karissa Carpenter

Kristie Russum

Jenna Collins

Jenna Collins

Cristin Thurman

Cristin Thurman

Dawne Rowe Haas

Dawne Rowe Haas

Amanda Mclean

Amanda Mclean

Kalyan Dewan

Patricia Flaherty

Julie Gordon

Melanie Dillard

Melanie Dillard

Jacob Bishop

Jacob Bishop

Lisa Norris

Parker Moore headshot

Parker Moore

Krista Washburne

Krista Washburne

Julie Kerby

Lynn Jordan

Carrie Negley

Carrie Ramey

Jeffrey Ecker

Jeffrey Ecker

Spencer Pierce

Spencer Pierce

Jodi Seidel

Jodi Seidel

Rachel White

Rachel White

Christian Heindel

Christian Heindel

Carol Bugg

Carol Bugg

Amanda Pearce

Amanda Pearce

Amanda Wages

Jaegwon Chung

Kali S. King

Kali S. King

Lynsey Jackson

Lynsey Jackson

Adam Chambers

Adam Chambers

Sydni White

Sydni White

Elizabeth Bays

Olivia Holt Williams

Olivia Williams

Samantha Pickel

Angela Logue

Angela Logue

Stephanie Gabriel

Stephanie Gabriel

Amanda Dawson

Jamie Mimbs

Jamie Mimbs

Tiffany Fallaw

Tiffany Fallaw

Anne Dawson

Anne Dawson

Nia Chau

Miranda Reese

Miranda Reese

Cynthia Lewis

Anita Russell

Stephanie Reinecke

Deanna Bedard

Deanna Bedard

Damion Asselin

Damion Asselin

Loralei Branch

Londa Berghaus

Katarzyna Rzepka

Sarah Jaworski

Sarah Jaworski

Anna Leppien

Mary Beth Lewis

Kim Remen

Kim Remen

Elizabeth Guest headshots

Elizabeth Guest

Marti Brick

Marti Brick

Jared Troutman

Jared Troutman

Kayla Garrett

Kayla Garrett

Deb Carter

Amanda Peppers

George McElreath

George McElreath

Maria Guzman

Maria Guzman

Ginger Geiger

Brittany Buckley

Joel Bacon

Joel Bacon

Carey Paul

Holly Beach

Kathy Hoover

Lisa Reno

Lisa Reno

Lisa Stabler

Brent Norwood

Trinton Baird

Ashley Moody

Sarah Williamson

Alison Watkins

Brent Lovern

Erich Linnemann

Virginia Booth

Renita Anthony

Angie K. Royer, M.Ed.

With previous experience working in three different areas of the College of Veterinary Medicine for UGA CVM Dean Sheila Allen, Associate Dean of Public Service and Outreach, Dr. Bruce Hollett, Dean’s Office Graduate Program Development and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Front Desk Administrative Operations, I bring a depth of insight […]

Katy Tracy

Katy Wilkins

Jennifer Leyting

Jennifer Leyting

Kimberly Freeman

Claudia Baumann

Claudia Baumann

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

LaDonna Allen

John Leary

Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones

Scott K. Johnson

Scott K. Johnson

Shelly Helms

Shelly Helms

Jennifer Kempf

Jennifer Kempf

Megan Troutman

Megan Troutman

Rhonda Wheeler

Craig Dixon

Craig Dixon

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