Distinguished Professors bring a wealth of experience and hope for new advancements to their roles with CVM

What makes a professor distinguished? In the College of Veterinary Medicine, it’s a clinician who sees the need for 24/7 emergency care for animals and builds a program to provide just that. And it’s researchers who dive deep into the mechanisms of well-known but little understood diseases in hopes of […]

Amber Hall

Katherine Major

Killian Ross

Selena Simmons

Bonnie Schofield

Sergio Valdez espinoza

Lindsey Clark

Kris Jay

Photo of Frank Stanton petting his dog, Annie

Stanton Foundation gives $5.2M to College of Veterinary Medicine

The ­University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is the beneficiary of a $5.2 million gift from the Stanton Foundation for the establishment of a new Spectrum of Care Clinic and associated curriculum. The award will allow the college to renovate and expand the Pet Health Center to serve as this new clinic.

Melissa Hollis

Rachel Boleman

Orianna Watters

Autumn Marlow

Tessa Dimick

Drea Marlow

Anna Barber

Dhrue Vinson

Jason Pearson

Akaterina Davros

Tyson Latimore

Athena, the White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger is nursed back to health at VTH

It’s not every day that the clinical staff at the UGA Veterinary Hospital evaluates and even operates on a tiger, but “once in a blue moon there is a problem in those cats and we’re here to help,” said Dr. Joerg Mayer, professor of zoological medicine at the VTH in Athens.

Halee Gillespie

Micaela Rosenthal

David Haas

Paulo Gomes filho

Jonathon Williams

Maureen Bennett

Valeria Benitez Vera

Emily Rawlings

Meghan Fick

Mara Vernier

Townes Hillier

Alison Jeffrey

David Birchler

Anna Carroll

Gabrielle Rands

Chloe Carter

Michael Kitchens

Bryan Torres

Bryan Torres

Nicole Rainey

Alexa Hargrove

Carson Saurage

Sarah Camlic

Brenna Gassman

Rachel Mccurley

Kaylan Whetstone

Kelsea Guest

Maria Orbay-cerrato

Kathryn Biehl

Ansleigh Thibodeaux

Alexandra Cesarek

Andrew Brown

Peyton Cole

Erin Tack

Savannah Flory

Serena Stoddard

Alexis Seekamp

Sharon Vaughn

Erin Ecclestone

Meghan Livingston

Imani Green

Alexis Banuelos

Taylor Bornhorn

Hadiyah Orr

Shelbie Mclaughlin

Brionna Clayton

Karen Horne

Jessica Johnson

Weston Feldman

Ronald Stewart

Amy Phillips

Amber Harris

Hillary Hammond

Hillary Hammond

Nicholas Bazemore

Otis at the Teaching Hospital

Otis Howell

Meet Otis, the 3-year-old basset hound. In March of 2022, Otis’s owner, Cori, had a gut feeling something was wrong when Otis began acting different. “I could tell something was off – just a really big gut feeling. He was just not acting himself,” Cori said. Otis’s demeanor had changed, […]

Pei-tsz Shin

Jamie Jimenez

Rachel Sanchez

Michelle Coleman

Michelle Coleman

Sinaya Linker

Cody Wohlman

Lauren Tseng

Ashika Seshadri

Marykate Feldner

Anya Morrissey

Joel White

Carrisa Thomas

Rebecca Manson

Timothy Vernier

Brian Huber

Rachel Wright

Hannah Temples

Stephen Santangelo

Brian Barnett

Mark Wagner

Adeline Miller

Yoko Ismodes

Tiffany Anderson

Changes To COVID Restrictions

Due to the recent decline in COVID cases in the Athens area, our hospital is able to reduce some of our social distancing restrictions. Starting March 14th, clients will now be able to enter the facility for face to face appointments and emergencies. Face coverings are still strongly encouraged to […]

Hospital phone outages March 5 & 6

Please be aware that due to a UGA-wide network update happening this weekend, there may be times on March 5 & 6 when our hospital phone lines will not work. If you need to reach us on those days and can’t get through, please call 706-352-9365. This will connect you […]

Changes to Appointment Process

Please be aware that as of Monday, Jan. 10, our Veterinary Teaching Hospital and our Pet Health Center will be adjusting their appointment processes. Our small animal emergency service and the Pet Health Center will change to curbside service only (clients will not be allowed inside the facility). In addition, […]

Krista Mitchell

VTH – Holiday Hours

In observance of UGA’s Winter Break, our hospital’s specialty services will be CLOSED Monday, Dec. 27 through Monday, Jan. 3. Our Emergency Services will still be open, but please call ahead as our receiving may be limited.

Andrea Vought

Heather lauren Reeves

Amber Hodge

Planned phone outage Oct. 23

Please be aware that due to a UGA-wide network update on Saturday, Oct. 23, our hospital phone lines may be down for a period of time. If you are in need of assistance and are unable to make contact, please call 706-352-9365 to be connected to our answering service for […]

Brian Sutherland

Eric Chong

Vivian Russum

Lacey Chesser

Lashandra Coleman

Molly Gilbert

Carolyn Chen

Nicole Tey

Kristen Hamilton

Sanna Gough

Emily Janik

Isabel Zahn

Brianna Kopec

Kelsey Trumpp

Laura Burns

Kahlina Frey

Donna Basic

Lauren Crowe

Sarah E. Everett

Alexis Hicks

Janna Anderson

CVM professor receives ACVIM Lee & Inge Pyle Service Award

Dr. Michelle Barton, director of clinical academic affairs, Fuller E. Callaway Endowed Chair, and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine, was named the 2021 recipient of the Lee and Inge Pyle Service Award. This award is presented annually to an American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine […]

Haley Carr

Sarah Robertson

Katie Threlkeld

Emma Jones

Jordan Lockridge

Kaci Kennedy

Julia Mcpherson

Marianne Gibson

CVM faculty member named 2021 Meigs Professor

Dr. Jo Smith is one of five faculty members to be named 2021 Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professors. This professorship is the University of Georgia’s highest teaching honor. “This year’s Meigs Professorship honorees are exemplary educators who engage students at all levels through innovative instruction and experiential learning,” said S. […]

A champion gets a second chance

From the moment he was born, Major was destined for greatness. Born at the home of his trainers, Dave and Lee Walker, Major comes from a line of champions. Dave and Lee are bird dog trainers and handlers who specialize in German shorthaired pointers. Major’s parents, Shooter and Sister, are […]

Canine Companions Needed for Dog Aging Project Research

Dr. Kate Creevy was just beginning her career as a small animal veterinary faculty member at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine when she was approached by Daniel Promislow. Dr. Promislow, a faculty member in the Department of Genetics in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at […]

Rebecca Bain

A conversation with Dr. John Corsale

Starting a new job and getting to know people is hard no matter when you do it. Add in a pandemic, and it’s downright near impossible. Dr. John Corsale has done just that—on February 1st, he jumped in as the College of Veterinary Medicine’s newest associate dean and teaching hospital […]

Anna Ball

Jonathan Hill

Tabatha Hill

Cortney Castleman

A Ten-Karat Heart of Gold

Like most, Karen Burns had never heard of the Caucasian shepherd before her son adopted one. These little-known dogs are nothing short of enormous—bred to protect livestock in Eastern Europe’s Caucasus Mountains, they are big, fluffy, and (arguably) imposing. But for her son, one was not enough. On Valentine’s Day […]

CVM announces new Veterinary Teaching Hospital Director

After a national search, the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to welcome John Corsale, DVM, MBA as the new Associate Dean of Clinical Services and Director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital beginning in February 2021. Dr. Corsale brings extensive and unique experience to the hospital. Since […]

Nicholas Madsen


Batman the cat enjoys more than pursuing villains and chilling at the bat cave. He also enjoys bobbing for frogs in our creek. His head-dunking led to a yeast infection in his ear and a trip to see the dermatology department at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Thanks to the […]

Amber Kelly

CVM professor and emergency care practitioner recognized at national conference

Benjamin Brainard, professor of small animal medicine and surgery and director of clinical research, was recently awarded the 2020 ACVECC Jack Mara Scientific Achievement Award for Advances in Coagulation. This award is presented to the veterinarian who has made the most substantial contribution to knowledge and understanding of the unique […]

Whitney Hinson

Krista Albritton

Jacklyn Gross

Genia Bercovitz

Megan Partyka

Hajeong Yoon



Jacqueline Parr

Dr. Parr, a 2009 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® with the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, joined the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020 as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nutrition. In her role, Dr. Parr leads the Small Animal […]

Valentine Verpaalen

Student and faculty publish interactive children’s book

Chad Schmiedt, professor of small animal medicine and surgery and Alison Bradbury Chair in Feline Health, in collaboration with Jim Moore, professor of large animal medicine and director of the Educational Resources Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine, has created and published an eBook written for children preparing to […]

Education, Evaluation, and Enterotomies

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a busy place with many moving parts. Our teaching hospital is not just a hands-on classroom for clinical students, but a medical service for our community. Our clinical faculty members provide guidance for students and care for our patients. At the same time, many […]

Rachel Brandt

Rachel Brandt

Lauren Markovic


My wife was talking to one of her co-workers one day about our four male turtles. The co-worker mentioned that she knew a family that owned a large red-eared slider and were planning on moving but were not taking the turtle with them. The family was going to leave the […]

Skylar Farmer

Stephanie Kennedy

Crash and Flash

Crash and Flash are wild eastern box turtles taken in by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Wildlife Treatment Crew (WTC) after sustaining serious injuries. The WTC is a volunteer group of undergrad and DVM students overseen by senior DVM students and hospital clinicians. Participation in the Crew allows students to gain […]

Kenneth Bailey

Brooke Cain

Syble Rice

Emma Pitt

Randy Eggleston

Jo Smith

Jo Smith

Joerg Mayer

Kathryn Diehl

Cindy Rice

Andrea Wall

Brooke Hogan

Jackie Pinson

Melissa Atha

Mary Bridges

Rebecca Atkinson

Stacy Kraby

Christopher Barker

Anna Ogle

Regan Phillips

Vicky Waters

Charles Watson

Jared Martz

Michael Mcwilliams

Tristan Boudreaux

Dana Bray

Robin Harper

Allen Brock

Jennifer Woods

Katherine Jalali

Mikaila Levendusky

Taylor Cunefare

Haylee Lamey

Amelia Taylor

Ashley Henderson

James Thompson

Jerrica Swaim

Kaley Studdard

Kimberly Lee

Tirrell Nichols

Cassandra Warnock

Linda Mobley

Lindsey Buckner

Matthew Kirkland

Amanda Moody

Laura Mcmillian

Samantha Watson

Chase Bolton

Clayton Russum

Courtney Otto

Crystal Nguyen

Lillian Roberts

Patricia Wong

Hannah Beck

Lacey Gunter

Sherry Wanderlich

Jessica Tordai

Bethany Prescott

Bethany Prescott

Erica Eason

Jessica Perlini

Kayla King

Khristopher Harris

Sara McAbee

Bianca Lourenço

headshot of Valerie Moorman

Valerie Moorman

Hospital-wide Services

In addition to our public facing services, our hospital also has several internal services that play a key role in our ability to offer your animal the best care possible. We take a team approach to each case, and while you may never meet the doctors and staff that specialize […]

Sonya Lane

Brooke Hogan Spurlin

Noelle Browning

Noelle Browning is a social worker with the last six working in the human hospice and bereavement field. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Central Florida in 2011. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia and Florida. The last two years she has […]

Melanie Lovette

Naomi Crabtree

Jodie Harvey

Colleen Sheridan

Cheryl Vargo

Ashley Iodence

Ivy Sipsy

Lameness Evaluations

Whether it is a visible lameness or a change in your horse’s overall activity level, we can help. Not only do our doctors have advanced training in evaluating and treating lameness issues, but our hospital also has state-of-the-art facilities and diagnostic equipment to help them get to the root of […]

Podiatry & Farrier Services

Our equine podiatry and farrier service offers a wide range of treatment options to help horses suffering from lameness and other hoof issues. Clients can either bring their horse(s) to our Veterinary Teaching Hospital or, for those within the Athens area, our mobile service can come to them. We offer […]

Large Animal Primary Care

Are you looking for a large animal veterinarian in the Clarke, Oconee, Madison or Jackson County area to care for the daily needs of your horses or farm animals*? Then look no further than UGA! Our compassionate and talented team of clinicians and senior veterinary students are just a phone […]

Mobile Veterinary Services

Bringing the expertise of our large animal clinicians to your doorstep

student and doctor examining dog, explains externship program

Veterinarian Resources

The specialists at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital are committed to providing the best care possible to each of our patients. We know you share that commitment too. Imagine what we can do together!

About Us

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Farm Animals

Our team of board-certified large animal specialists, residents and interns offer diagnostics, medical care and surgical care tailored to the specific needs of our cattle, alpaca, llama, goat, sheep, pig and other farm animal patients. Our hospital has a farm animal treatment area that features stalls for small ruminants, camelids […]

Emergency & Critical Care

SMALL ANIMAL EMERGENCY SERVICE UPDATE: Please call ahead so that we can assess the nature of your emergency and advise you of our current wait times. Please note that at times we do experience high volumes, which may impact our ability to serve you. If necessary, we will assist you […]


There is just something special about the bond between horses and humans. For many owners, it is hard to put into words how much their horse means to them. Some love to compete, while others enjoy taking long trail rides through the countryside. Whatever your bond with your horse looks […]

turtle on green grass


Our wildlife treatment crew is part of our zoological medicine service and provides medical treatment and care for injured wildlife. While we do allow members of the community to bring us hurt wildlife for care, we DO NOT accept uninjured animals. If you come across a baby animal that you […]


Exotic Animals

Our zoological medicine service cares for all species of exotic, zoo and aquatic animals. Our doctors and staff have advanced training in handling these unique animals in addition to highly specialized equipment and treatment options to meet your exotic pet’s unique needs. We see ANY exotic species, from birds and […]

Reproductive Medicine

Our reproductive medicine service works with cat and dog owners who wish to responsibly breed their animals. We will walk with you throughout the entire process to help ensure the health and safety of the male, female and the babies. Services for the breeding female: Breeding soundness examination Brucellosis, Progesterone and […]

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our soft tissue surgery service specializes in all areas of soft tissue surgery, including surgery of the thorax and abdomen, oncologic surgery, and use of minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, laser surgery, and stent placement. Our surgeons also specialize in wound healing and reconstruction and frequently work closely […]

Physical Rehabilitation

Our small animal rehabilitation service is dedicated to helping its patients achieve an overall improved quality of life by focusing on mobility, strength, fitness and whole body wellness. What to expect: Every rehab patient must come with a referral from a veterinarian to ensure the patient is healthy enough to […]


Our orthopedics service provides diagnosis and management of orthopedic problems including traumatic injuries, degenerative joint conditions and developmental abnormalities for cats and dogs. Diagnostics and treatment options available through this service include: Total artificial hip replacement TPLO All forms of fracture fixation Arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment C-arm intraoperative fluoroscopy CT […]


Our ophthalmology service provides eye care to all species. With access to the latest diagnostic equipment, we are able to perform complete workups, including advanced imaging such as high resolution ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI technology. Ways we can help: Repairing eyelid defects and deformities Treating eyelid and cornea lacerations […]


Our oncology team is proud to offer lifelong personalized and thoughtful cancer care for your beloved pet. The team, which consists of oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, imaging specialists, pathologists, a medical physicist and technicians, works together to provide your pet with the most effective cancer treatment possible. Safety is our […]


Our Clinical Nutrition Service provides telemedicine consultations for dogs and cats of all life stages that may be experiencing long term, chronic medical issues that can be better supported with nutritional guidance, as well as healthy pets. Please note that this service is not to assist with acute or emergent nutritional […]


Our neurology team works closely with other hospital services, including our in-house rehabilitation service and our 24/7 ECC service, to provide the best care possible for cats and dogs suffering from neurologic-based conditions. Advantages of working with the UGA neurology and neurosurgery service include: Your pet will be cared for by […]

Interventional Radiology

Our small animal interventional radiology (IR) service is composed of a team of specialists who work together to offer a variety of minimally invasive procedures to treat respiratory, urinary, gastrointestinal, liver and vascular diseases in cats and dogs. Advantages of minimally invasive procedures typically include: Decreased pain and complications Faster […]

Internal Medicine

Our small animal internal medicine service specializes in caring for pets that are suffering from diseases that involve the body’s systems and organs. This includes: Diabetes Respiratory disease Gastrointestinal disease Kidney and urinary disease Infectious and autoimmune diseases Liver disease Thyroid problems Multi-systemic illnesses As part of the hospital, this […]

Emergency & Critical Care

Open 24/7 for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of animals needing urgent or emergency care


We treat the following: Allergies: Up to 30 percent of the pet population is affected by allergic conditions such as flea bite hypersensitivity, food adverse reaction and atopic dermatitis. The disease is characterized by variable degrees of itching, often combined with secondary infections. The allergies and infections can be severe at […]


Our cardiology team provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for pets that are affected by a wide-range of heart diseases, including several minimally invasive procedures that are unavailable anywhere else in the state of Georgia. Our areas of speciality: Heartworm extraction Pacemaker implantation Treatment of atrial fibrillation (AFib) Repair of arteriovenous […]

Dog image

Dogs & Cats

The small animal side of our veterinary teaching hospital operates very similarly to a human specialty referral center. Each medical field listed below has its own team of doctors and nurses. These teams have received advanced training in managing and treating diseases within their area of specialty, which allows them […]

Michaela G. Austel

Karissa Carpenter

Karissa Carpenter

Kristie Russum

Jenna Collins

Jenna Collins

Cristin Thurman

Cristin Thurman

Eduardo Roldan

Billie Rae King

Billie Rae King

Dana Duncan

Dana Duncan

Daniel Sakai

Daniel Sakai

Robyn Ellerbrock

Krista Washburne

Krista Washburne

Julie Kerby

Lynn Jordan

Carrie Negley

Carrie Ramey

Jodi Seidel

Jodi Seidel

Rachel White

Rachel White

Brandy Burgess

Lynsey Jackson

Lynsey Jackson

Adam Chambers

Adam Chambers

Sydni White

Sydni White

Elizabeth Bays

Olivia Holt Williams

Olivia Williams

Samantha Pickel

Angela Logue

Angela Logue

Stephanie Gabriel

Stephanie Gabriel

Amanda Dawson

Jamie Mimbs

Jamie Mimbs

Tiffany Fallaw

Tiffany Fallaw

Anne Dawson

Anne Dawson

Nia Chau

Anita Russell

Stephanie Reinecke

Deanna Bedard

Deanna Bedard

Damion Asselin

Damion Asselin

Britt Thevelein

Brian Beasley

Brian Beasley

Janet Grimes

Janet Grimes

Dr. Grimes is an Associate Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and completed a rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Texas A&M University College of […]

Travis Laver

Rachel Reed

Erin M. Beasley

Erin M. Beasley

Clare Ryan

Clare Ryan

Michael Perlini

Anna Leppien

Joseph Bartges

A native of West Virginia, I am a graduate of Marshall University and received my DVM from The University of Georgia in 1987. After receiving my DVM, I completed an internship, dual residency in internal medicine and nutrition, a PhD, and a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota in […]

Mandy Wallace

Mandy Wallace

Dr. Mandy Wallace is an Associate Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Georgia. She is a 2010 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine and completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Colorado State University in 2011. She was the PennHIP research […]

Jared Troutman

Jared Troutman

Frane Banovic

Frane Banovic

Frane Banovic, DVM, PhD, DECVD, is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Dermatology in the Department for Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine. He also holds an appointment as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Medicine, Emory University, USA and Faculty of […]

Dawn Clarke

Dawn Clarke

María Ferrer

Koichi Nagata

Spencer Johnston

Spencer Johnston

Chad Schmiedt

Chad Schmiedt

Dr. Chad Schmiedt received his DVM from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.  Following five years of post-graduate surgical training at the University of Tennessee, the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a two year clinical instructorship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, […]

Nicole Northrup

Nicole Northrup

Jarred M. Williams

Michele Barletta

Lisa Reno

Lisa Reno

Leticia Dantas

Leticia Dantas

Renee Barber

Renee Barber

Roberto A. Palomares

Roberto A. Palomares

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, a very warm, colorful, coastal city with cultural and geographical importance for the development of the region. With no doubts, one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, not only for the natural and economic resources, but also for our lovely and diverse […]

Emmanuel Rollin

Emmanuel Rollin

Angie K. Royer, M.Ed.

With previous experience working in three different areas of the College of Veterinary Medicine for UGA CVM Dean Sheila Allen, Associate Dean of Public Service and Outreach, Dr. Bruce Hollett, Dean’s Office Graduate Program Development and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Front Desk Administrative Operations, I bring a depth of insight […]

Bradley Dale Heins

Bradley Dale Heins

Dr. Heins has lived in various regions of the United States and has a diverse background as a veterinary for beef, swine, and dairy operations as well as prior experience working in small animal medicine.  Having grown up in rural Georgia, Dr. Heins sees the importance of mentoring students to […]

Corey Saba

Corey Saba

Dr. Corey Saba is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  She completed her medical oncology residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been employed by the University of Georgia since 2006.  She has been actively involved in the design and execution of over 40 clinical […]

Jane Quandt

Jane Quandt

Marc Kent

Marc Kent

Kate Myrna

Kate Myrna

Amie Koenig

Amie Koenig

Stephen Divers

Stephen Divers graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1994. He obtained his Certificate and Diploma in Zoological Medicine from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), and is a recognized Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He […]

Benjamin Brainard

Benjamin Brainard

John F. Peroni

Kelsey A. Hart

Kelsey A. Hart

Kira L. Epstein

Kira L. Epstein

Behavioral Medicine

Did you know that dogs and cats can suffer from mental illnesses and behavioral pathologies just like people? It can be very stressful for animal owners and their families when their pet suffers from anxiety disorders, aggression, phobias or other psychological / psychiatry and behavioral issues. Our behavioral medicine team […]

Our Veterinary Services

Our hospital cares for all animals great and small with doctors that specialize in areas ranging from behavioral medicine to soft tissue surgery and everything in-between. While we may offer a variety of services throughout our hospital, one thing remains the same — our passion and commitment to providing exceptional […]

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

If you have a pet or animal that needs advanced veterinary care, look no further than our hospital. We operate similarly to a human specialty medical center and are passionate about offering the best care possible for your cat, dog, exotic animal, horse, cow, goat or other farm animal. Your […]

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